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Barren walls?

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Chile: Mauricio Morales Unforgotten!

Today marks three years since the death in combat of Mauricio Morales. He will remain forever unforgotten, and lives in the struggle.

“My good friend, if getting away from this war meant that we would remain ageless and immortal I would also stay behind. But a thousand deaths are hanging over our heads; we cannot avoid them or run away. So Lets Go Then….”

„Honor Always to Anarchist Revolutionary Mauricio Morales“

International Solidarity: Arizona Antifascist Facing Possible Prison Sentence

„Saturday, November 13th, 2010 the National Socialist Movement gathered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, as a part of their humorously titled “Reclaim the Southwest 2” tour. The NSM consider themselves to be on the forefront of the push toward more draconian, discriminatory, and racist laws, and increased militarization on the southern border. This is the context for anti-fascist action in Arizona. Anarchists resisted and some now face intense state repression.

Militant antifascists standing up to the National Socialist Movement

Dane Rossman, of Tucson, AZ, is in need of urgent support in the face of multiple felony charges stemming from the riot which occurred on that day. In a worst case scenario, Dane could be looking at over 20 years in prison. He is charged with 6 counts of aggravated assault and 1 count of rioting.

As of right now, Dane is out on bail and attending scheduled court dates until trial in May. No plea offer has been made so far and it remains difficult to tell how aggressively the state is pursuing the charges. Dane and his supporters are currently attempting to obtain private counsel and strongly feel that this could be the best route for things to work out as well as possible for Dane – that is, to keep Dane out of prison.

Please help out Dane in any way you can, financially or otherwise, and forward this information to anyone interested in the ongoing struggles against white supremacy and fascism.“

More information available at Arizona Antifa Defense

Greece: Pigs Life Threateningly Injure Demonstrator, Fascists and Pigs Attacking Immigrants and Squats

Due to lack of time, just the essentials to spread the info. Regular and more complete updates on the situation can be found on Occupied London.


„According to available information, the injured demonstrator has exited surgery in deep coma, and he was transfered to the intensive care unit. Doctors consider the next few days as critical.

A statement from doctors’ union branch at General Nikaia hospital [EINAP], on service today:

Today, we witnessed the the barbarism of the IMF government, which seeks to repress every healthy act of resistance to their plans, laid out by Greek and international capital, and faithfully implemented by their local servants. Dozens of injured demonstrators were transfered to our hospital by ambulances, or by themeselves. Most of them were suffering from fractured skulls. Among them, a 30-year old demonstrator, which arrived in a serious antemortem [“prothanatio“] state, anisocoria and extradural hematoma. At this moment, he is in surgery, operated by colleagues fighting to save his life. We denounce this form of police brutality, and consider the members of Greek government as responsible for this attempt at murder, as well as all attacks upon demonstrators.Violence and repression against the people will not serve them much longer.“


Current Situation:
40-50 people, some fascists, are currently (20.46 GMT+2) at the corner of Tritis Septemvriou Street and Ipirou. Anyone heading to Villa, be very careful.

According to the first, raw information coming in, the scuffles began when anarchists at Villa Amalias realised there was a small group of neo-nazis on Victoria Square attacking migrants, and headed there to attack them in return. Scuffles quickly broke out and the police that appeared tried to push the anarchists back toward Villa Amalias.

Many riot police units mixed up with fascists at the side of Victoria Square at the moment.


„At dawn today a 44-year old man was stabbed to death by three people unknown, most likely for the camera he would be using to record the birth of his child. Organised neo-nazis tried to take advantage of the tragic incident and to turn it into a racist pogrom, calling for a gathering at the junction of Tritis Septemvriou and Ipirou street, in central Athens – only a few yards away from Exarcheia. Approximately one-hundred people gathered, including people not necessarily holding racist views. From the first moment of the gathering, the neonazis started chasing any migrant who would pass by the spot. Hearing about the gathering, anarchists gathered at both the squats of Skaramanga and Villa Amalias, which are nearby. As anarchists report from Skaramanga, at some point fascists appeared at the junction of Patision and Ipirou Street, and some fascists started chasing migrants. The anarchists prepared to face them with flags, stones and helmets. The riot police units accompanying the fascists turned toward the anarchists and started firing tear gas toward them. The anarchists retreated in their building and the police followed, throwing tear gas inside the squat. Anarchists inside the squat, in the higher floors, “treated” the fascists with a number of flying objects.“

10.03.2010, Lambros Fountas: Our Tribute is to Continue the Struggle

„Lambros is One of Us“

„He was fighting with all weapons he thought useful: with pen and paper, stone and fire, barricades and manifestations, guns and grenades. Revolt was the rhythm of his breath, as it was freedom that made his heart bounce. That is why we will not forget him, even if we might not have known him. That is why his death can only fasten our breathing, gasping for life, clearing a path towards freedom by insurrection.“

„Honor to the anarchist fighter Lambros Foundas“

Lambros our Comrade
(Text auf Deutsch)

The struggle of those who fight against all forms of power, who are anxious that each moment should not be wasted and who stubbornly maintain the belief that we are capable of creating a free and non-authoritarian world, is as distant from any kind of mythology or fiction as the earth is from the moon.

This struggle has had, has and will have countless casualties; dead, captured, and people who desist because they lose hope or compromise themselves because the powers that be have found the low or high price to buy them off.

Those seeking saints, martyrs or messiahs, or heroes and mythical beasts, are ultimately no different from those who do not miss the opportunity to point the finger at the scoundrels, the black sheep, the criminally suspect and those who politically have already lost. Both the superior beings depicted by one side and the extremist creatures from the other are equally expendable. In either case the purpose is to keep everyone sedated and docile, despite what the proponents of either side might claim.

Some ecstatically speak of those ’sacrificed‘, while the others piously try to measure the political loss. It is of little importance whether this convergence is achieved due to fanaticism or delusion, ignorance or expediency, for reasons of political visibility and survival or practising dogmatism. Those who are supposed to object shout to convince everyone that they have unfinished business with them, but this fraud is difficult to conceal. But so be it. This scenario is true and played to death, but the beaten path is always the most secure. Always? Or maybe it is not?

The following words, and those preceding them, are not the product of an obligation or sense of duty. Nor are they part of any revolutionary obituary. They are far away from and hostile to any attempt to mythologizing, ownership, engaging or disengaging, against the mud slung and the depreciation, which authority is already trying to spread after the disclosure of the identity and photograph of a dead „terrorist“ following a gunfight with cops in Daphne. Lambros Fountas, who fell dead in a shootout with the crew of the police squad car in the area of Daphne is known for his anarchist activities.

From his years as a high school student he was socially active and would later join the anarchist group MAVRO AGATHI (Black Thorn), who issued the DROMI TIS ORGIS (Streets of Rage) ‚zine/pamphlet/serial. He was active and participated in marches, rallies, social conflicts, demonstrations, flyposting, discussions and social events.

He was one of the thousands of young people not enrolled at the time with any political youth party involved in the student occupations, demonstrations and clashes prior to and after the murder of Professor N. Temponera in Patras. Those young people were inspired by the insurrectional events of January 1991 as well as anarchist ideas and practices that they appropriated with a vitality which words are incapable of describing. The anarchist group Black Thorn, until its dissolution, participated in the Co-operation of Anarchist Groups and Individuals for Social Solidarity and Diverse Action.

During the occupation of the Polytechnical University of Athens in 1995 for the anniversary of the 1973 Uprising, Lambros Fountas was among the 504 who were arrested by the repressive state forces that invaded the university grounds on the morning of November 18th. He was, therefore, among so many young people of a generation that the politically correct were quick to describe as lost. Among all those who chose their partners‘ hand and travelled the 1990s from protest to protest, from roadblock to roadblock, standing in solidarity with passion in every social aspect, who chose to confront power with their rights and their wrongs, their differences amongst themselves and their stubbornness, confounding the authority that wanted them to simply be passers by in the social struggles. Not that there weren‘t any such people. Quite the contrary. Since then I have met up with Lambros and been side by side many times in marches, roadblocks and clashes.

We solemnly believe that what the people who fight leave behind them, is what they really contribute and is not superficial to the liberation process from the shackles of oppression and exploitation. This is a legacy that transcends any needs, decisions and choices.

Because the means are not an end in themselves and don‘t differentiate those fighting, but rather reveal possibilities, they don‘t sanctify those who choose one or another form, nor do they put anyone on a pedestal. There are no unknown comrades who have been unfairly lost. Nor is the point principally, in these situations, the search for operational errors.

Equally, however, we do not agree with the logic that explanations are the privilege of priests, initiates or those well-educated in internal affairs or with those who deal with cases and craft scenarios all the time, that the answer may begin and end with motto: loss is a necessary evil. Our position must be straightforward and outspoken.

We close, saying goodbye to Lambros with an Indian wish (and certainty): The next time (we meet) will be better!

Anarchist Archive of Athens 11/3/10″

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