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Antifascist Counterculture against reactionary „Deutschrock“

Welly well, this ugly nationalist pop-rock band „Frei.Wild“ from Italy is going to play our hometown kiel next saturday. To show that the reactionary music business is not fuckin‘ welcome here there will be different actions against that bullshit event at Sparkassenarena in the middle of the city. First you‘ve got the possibility to join the manifestation of or local antifascist alliance at noon (12am, Europaplatz), later several youth organisations want to cause an antifascist traffic jam to offend stupid „Frei.Wild“-Fans (6.30pm, Exerzierplatz) and to conclude the day everyone will meet at the „No stage for nationalism“-festival at our beloved Alte Meierei (7pm, Hornheimer Weg 2) afterwards to rock against the greyzone together with a bunch of antifascist punk and hardcore bands from the area. Fire and Flames says: Full support!!

Great message, great crowd: New MDB video „Papers, please!“

Beautiful documentation of memories of a wonderful week-end with great comrades from all over Europe some weeks ago in Kiel combined with an up to date message more important than ever before nowadays: This is Moscow Death Brigade’s new track and new video „Papers, please!“ dedicated to everyone whose search for shelter or a new home and freedom of movement is obstructed because they don‘t belong to the world’s minority who’s privileged just because of their place of birth in the rich metropolises. „Who’s the real illegal people, who’s the real disease? We’re all immigrants, We‘re all refugees.“

Reds rockin‘ the town !

Just counting the hours till saturday when Action Sédition, ContraReal and Montréal Sisterhood are coming to town for a red and anarchist night of politics, street music and of course the one or the other drink… Meet the crowd from 7pm open end at Alte Meierei Kiel comrades!

January 2015: Action Sédition over Europe !

Today the mighty Action Sédition from Montréal hopped over to Europe to use the next weeks for touring around in France, Catalunya, Belgium and Germany. Make sure you don‘t miss them in your neighborhood!!! In exactly two weeks, on january 24th we‘ll present their night of hard rocking red and anarchist oi supported by those real antifa punx ContraReal from Hamburg at our beloved Alte Meierei Kiel. Total anticipation!

Los Tres Puntos & Big Banders – 2Tone Internationalists beyond Borders 2014

It’s the upcoming long week end that Los Tres Puntos and Big Banders will hit northern germany with a big fat dose of internationalist ska beyond borders. And even better: Your personal service providers of Fire and Flames Riotwear will accompany all the shows! So people from Kiel (11.12.), Oldenburg (12.12.) and Göttingen (13.12.) have the comfortable chance to get their favourite shirt of the new winter collection directly in their hometown. By the way: FF is really looking forward to come back to the past homeland Göttingen, put something up together with comrades of Antifaschistische Linke International and see old mates of Rogue Steady Orchestra once again!

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