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Göttingen: Gathering to Remember A. Selchow, Murdered by Fascists

Approximately 300 people took part in a gathering today to remember Alexander Selchow, murdered by Nazis in a suburb of Göttingen on the night of January 1st 1991.

Speeches were held by several antifascist groups (Jugend Antifa, Antifaschistische Linke International, Redical) as well as reformist organizations. Directly following the gathering, over 150 people took part in a brief spontaneous demonstration through Göttingens inner city, with chants pointing to the parallels between Nazi activity and state policy, as well as to the current case of a Göttingen antifascist who is „wanted“ by the police, and in solidarity with which the demonstration next Saturday in Göttingen is to take place.

You can read more detailed reports (in German) at the ALI website and at Monsters of Goettingen.

15.1: Kundgebung gegen Faschistische Gewalt in Göttingen, Magdeburg Naziaufmarsch Blockieren, Berlin Nazi Festakt Besuchen

So much happening this weekend in the spectrum of „antifa“ that its difficult to even know where to start. So, we will start with our city, and the following concentration which we find important and would like to suggest you attend:

Kundgebung gegen faschistische Gewalt zum 20. Jahrestag des Mordes an Alexander Selchow in Rosdorf
15.1.2011 | 15.00 Uhr | Markt / Gänseliesel | Göttingen

Poster for the demonstration in 1991

Flyer from the Autonome Antifa M for the demonstration in 1996

The next event we would like to suggest to you is:

Last but certainly not least, in Berlin the fascists will be „celebrating“ the fusion of the NPD and DVU. We will of course be there as well!

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