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Spring is Here: New Collections from Mob Action and Uptight65

The springtime madness is finally coming into full swing. This means not only the ritualistic press hysteria around the upcoming doomsday (otherwise known as 1st of May), but also that our favorite labels come out with new clothes! New collections from Mob Action, Partisano (finally, after two years!), Uptight65, and of course Fire and Flames. We begin today with Mob Action and Uptight 65, and will continue in the coming days with Partisano. The new Fire and Flames collection (of which two designs have already arrived) will come sometime around end of this week

In the „less talk, more rock(s)“ spirit of the upcoming 1st of May, here is a selection in pictures of the new designs. More infos about each one can be had by clicking on the corresponding image, and if you want to see ALL of them, then we suggest a visit to the corresponding section of the Fire and Flames site.



First, the novelty…sweatpants!

These are accompanied by six different shirt designs, several of which are available in a variety of different colors:


Significantly less street, but all the more retro and subcultural, Barcelonas Uptight 65. This is just a selection of their new designs, the complete array can be seen directly on our page. Classic designs such as the much loved „Bruce Lee“ shirt, „Modern World,“, and „Orange“ are also available again in all sizes. But on to the new…

Antifa Kalender 2011 Available (+ New Hipbag)

What can be said about it after all these years? Not much, so here is the standard text:
„The classic Antifascist agenda/organizer, back for a further year of helping you plan your discontent. :-)

Stets aktuell von undogmatisch aktiven Menschen aus der Bewegung gemacht, ist der Antifa-Kalender mittlerweile ein nicht wegzudenkender Begleiter sowohl für Einsteiger/innen als auch für die Erfahrenen unter den politisch Aktiven. „

In other news, we now have two different hipbags to offer. To the already well known basic hipbag with the patch, we have now added a fuller model, hence the name „Full“

Finally, not new but finally available again, some classics from the Spanish State in the form of two Sin Dios CDs and the classic Non Servium CD, „NSA“

The video is from „El Imperio del Mal“ but still, you get the idea…

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: