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Broad solidarity against racism and repression !

May 1st is coming closer, so it’s time to make plans. This is just one possibility of many to have a good start into our global day of struggle: Since months supposed squatters of the Breite Straße in Hamburg are on trial for defending their house during the Suatting Days back in 2014. The accusation of these comrades is attempted manslaughter and other silly stuff. This is just one of tons of good reasons to take the streets and make a stand for a city for all full of broad solidarity and without repression and racism. So be there!

Saturday / April 30th / 6pm / Schanzenstraße / Hamburg


Berlin: Brixton Cats Live at Revolutionary May Day Demonstration (+Hamburg and RASH Festival Stuttgart)

Brixton Cats will be playing before (and during) the Revolutionary 1st of May demonstration in Berlin. They will be playing together with Drowning Dog and Neues Glas aus Alten Scherben. The live performances and „gathering“ begin at 17:00 at Lausitzer Platz, with the demonstration planned to begin at the classic time of 18:00. Click the poster for more information (in German)…

A little mobilization video…

For those of you in Hamburg, we suggest the following evening entertainment option…

Finally, neither in Berlin nor Hamburg, nor even on the 1st of May for that matter, but certainly featuring good bands for a very good cause, the RASH festival in Stuttgart…

1st of May: The Streets Are Ours

This year, Fire and Flames is going the more cultural route and attending „May Day“ festival in Prague:

As is customary for this date, options abound.



Buenos Aires

In Germany…

Finally, in the more classically red category of the political spectrum, yet still presenting a good overview of revolutionary and class struggle oriented demonstrations on the first of May:

While May day is our day and not one to run around behind Nazis, its still important to be supportive of those unfortunate to have Nazi demonstrations in their city on this date.

Wherever you are, take care, stay safe, and give State and Nazis a day to remember!



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