Fire and Flames Music, Clothing, Politics, Futbol, and general rants and raves. 2014-04-13T15:14:41Z Copyright 2014 WordPress Administrator <![CDATA[Comrades, friends, family members!]]> 2014-04-13T15:12:38Z 2014-04-13T15:12:38Z Allgemein Fire and Flames We‘ve got great news for you: Although the last year has been quiet without question, we are delighted to tell you, that the fire is still burning and the flames will go as high as you‘ve been used to in the past in the very near future! Yes: Within the next weeks we‘ll be back with a highly motivated new collective, a brandnew website and online-shop, a well restocked headquarter and of course the good old spirit of rebellion, revolt and resistance against the fuckin‘ system.

So watch out for more upcoming updates and check back constantly!

Administrator <![CDATA[A Flaming Star Burns Out / New Fire and Flames Site Coming Soon! / Discount Action / Various]]> 2012-11-04T20:40:42Z 2012-11-04T20:40:42Z Allgemein Fire and Flamesantifa kalender 2013black ferryfire and flamesflaming star goettingengenevehamburgla brick As usual, for those with short attention spans, the summary below:

1* A Flaming Star Burns Out: Flaming Star Goettingen Closing 12.11
2*New Fire and Flames Website Coming in the Next Few Weeks / Huge Discount Action
3* Off Topic: Antifa Kalender, Fire and Flames News, New Stores in Hamburg and Geneva


All good things must come to an end…or at least this one must.

Sadly, we have to inform you of the closing of our most favorite shop…Flaming Star in Goettingen. We were proud to be a part of this collective project, and of our role in helping to give it shape, form, content, and style. We are also extremely thankful to the group of people who either as part of the collective structure or just by showing up to hang out, helped carry it for these 18 months and fill it with life. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons the challenge of holding a physical space of that size in the middle of Goettingens inner city, was too much, and as of November 12th the store will be closing.

Unfortunate as that may be, for those of you around Goettingen, it does present an opportunity to pick up things you might be interested in from all the labels the store carried at very discounted prices. You have until November 11th.

If you never had a chance to visit the place, this is what you missed:


To temper the bad news, some good…after what feels like decades of work and suffering (and over the next few weeks will only be getting much worse before it gets better)… THE NEW FIRE AND FLAMES WEBSITE IS ALMOST READY, and should be online before the end of the month.
We will let the page speak for itself when you see it, but trust us, it is VERY different and improved, and thats all we will say about that for now.

But, since it is a huge amount of work to move everything over, we are selling a lot of items which we will not be re-stocking, or where the label has shut down (RIP Uptight Barcelona), of which there are only a few left, etc. so as to minimize how much we have to enter into the new page. This means big discounts on…

-All Catarrhini shirts.
-Most Uptight 65 shirts.
-Quite a few Fire and Flames designs.
-Obrint Pas shirts and some Partisano designs.

To see the discounts, just click here and select „Search By: Brands“ and „Raeumungsverkauf / Sale“ category.


-Yes, the new Antifa Kalender / agenda has arrived.

-Yes, there will finally be a new Fire and Flames Spring collection this coming year…we are already working on giving over 10 concepts form.

-Yes, there will be a „Hate the State Volume 3″ next year.

-Yes, we do realize that next year will mark 10 years of Fire and Flames, and yes, we do plan to hopefully celebrate it with an outrageous 10 Years of Fire and Flames festival.

-Sad as the loss of Flaming Star might be, if you are in Hamburg we suggest the recently opened „Black Ferry“, and in Geneva as of the 10th of November, „La Brick“. Both of these you can find on Facebook, and both of these well stocked with Fire and Flames. Black Ferry we have already introduced you to, here are some first images of La Brick in Geneva…

Administrator <![CDATA[The Agenda to Organize Our Discontent (Antifa Kalender 2013) and the Coffee to Finance It]]> 2012-10-12T03:10:47Z 2012-10-12T03:10:47Z Fire and Flames Antifaantifa kalender 2013hamburg trinkt braunweisssolikaffee We allow ourselves this short interruption from this phase of intensely not posting anything to the blog, to let you know about the 2013 edition of the classic Antifa Kalender / organizer / agenda. Its a classic of classics, so not much introduction necessary, but if you do need to know more, please click on the image…

Different, but similar is the soli / benefit filter coffee. Produced by two collectives in Central America, and with all proceeds going to benefit different projects in the city of Hamburg.

And in case you are wondering why the blog has been so quiet, despite uprest, repression, football games, and mobilizations going on seemingly everywhere? We are working like crazy people on the new and incredible Fire and Flames site. The bright side is that it is like the difference between a horse drawn carriage and a space ship. The down side is that, much like learning to drive a space ship, this is a project that might take the rest of our lives to master and finish. But hopefully, we will somehow magically manage to be ready sometime in November.

Administrator <![CDATA[Athens: Social Meltdown]]> 2012-09-26T14:03:56Z 2012-09-26T14:03:56Z Social Warathensgeneral strikegreecesocial meltdown A fitting video on the occasion of the general strike taking place in Greece today.

Just one of several very current pieces which should make very clear, especially to the moralists who intend to give antagonist social forces lessons on violence, where the real, systematic, and murderous violence lies.

Otherwise, current updates on events around the general strike today in Greece can as usual be found on Occupied London.

Administrator <![CDATA[Racing 2 – 0 Independiente]]> 2012-08-19T21:26:56Z 2012-08-19T21:26:56Z Atlanta y RacingAmargosavellanedaclasicoIndependienteRacingsand Short story short, if you have been keeping up, you should know we dont like these people (if not, see aehnliche beitraege, to the right of your screen please). Today, we won on the field…

And off the field…

Administrator <![CDATA[Celebrate 30 Years of the Juzi Goettingen, with No Respect and ZSK!]]> 2012-08-17T21:39:45Z 2012-08-17T21:39:45Z Events Musicgoettingenjuzino respectzsk There cant be much question about tomorrows entertainment choices. We will be there, and so should you!

Administrator <![CDATA[Goettingen 13.8: Info und Mobiveranstaltung Antifa Camp Dortmund]]> 2012-08-11T11:07:39Z 2012-08-11T11:07:39Z Events AntifaAntifaantifacampdortmundflaming starveranstaltung The antifa camp in Dortmund is only two weeks away, and for this reason there is an info and mobilization meeting at Goettingens Flaming Star on Monday evening.

Not only is Dortmund, and especially the Dorstfeld neighborhood of Dortmund in which the camp is to take place, a Nazi stronghold, but the camp is also scheduled to coincide with one of Germanys largest yearly Nazi demonstrations. The turnout is expected to be massive, and you should all come. Fire and Flames will also be present, and even the Nazi shops are mobilizing for the camp:

Administrator <![CDATA[Historic. Weekday. Away Game. 1200 KM distance. 10 000 Fans. Only Racing Club.]]> 2012-08-08T22:18:58Z 2012-08-08T22:18:58Z Atlanta y Racing "Futbol"bocacopa argentinafinalRacingsan juan

You might be wondering why we are showing you a blurry picture of some busses on a rainy Argentine country road. Its because these busses are part of an historic mass mobilization, once again protagonized by the fans of Buenos Airess great and glorious Racing Club. Tonight is the final of the „Copa Argentina,“ between Racing Club and Boca Juniors, taking place in San Juan, 1200 KM from Buenos Aires. Just how massive is this mobilization?

The caravan of Racing fans is ***111*** sold out busses, ***21*** chartered airplanes, plus all those travelling in cars or normal flights.

This not being enough, the club has installed cinema screens at its social centers in Avellaneda and Villa del Parque. Tickets to both are sold out as well.

A Racing Lo Hace Grande Su Gente.

Match starts at 1 30 am, and you can watch it on, and here are images from the semi-final, where Racing dramatically eliminated River Plate in a penalty shootout:

(For you Europeans who only are aware of footballers who have played over there…you will notice one of the most recent additions to Racings roster…Mauro Camoranesi.)

Administrator <![CDATA[Bones and Metal, The Collected Works]]> 2012-08-07T20:14:11Z 2012-08-07T20:14:11Z Allgemeinankledynamic external fixatorfingerfootpilon tibialesurgeryx ray After my most recent surgery, I feel the need to share the collected works. The Doctors were obviously worried that I might be getting bored of the routine, so this time they decided to present me with something new. Enjoy further below.

For the record, after a lifetime of family and friends warning me of the dangers of radical politics, all my injuries are from playing futbol or ice hockey.

The one and only original masterpiece, right ankle, 2009…

The middle child, right foot, 2010…

The most recent addition, right hand, 2012. Yes, those are large screws coming out of my finger. My first thoughts when I saw it were „oh my fucking god, what have they done to me…Im in „Saw“" but Doctors call it a „dynamic external fixator.“

Administrator <![CDATA[„Femme de la Rue“ or „What Does a Woman Need to Feel Safe in the Street?… A Man!“]]> 2012-08-05T17:59:09Z 2012-08-05T17:59:09Z Social Warbrusselsdocumentaryfemme de la ruemachosexismsofie peeters Harassment, insults, and generally attitudes and behaviors towards women that will, and should, take your breathe away. What does a woman need according to some of these relics from the stone age in order to be left in peace when walking down the street? The company of a man of course.

The following documentary chronicles the experience of a young woman in Brussels…

In Argentina, there have recently been some efforts to show men, who obviously dont have these experiences quite so often and seem to be seriously misguided about how much women „enjoy“ such „compliments, what it „feels like“ and how much women „appreciate“ the treatment. In Spanish, no subtitles, and no will to translate, but still understandable: