Fire and Flames Music, Clothing, Politics, Futbol, and general rants and raves. Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:22:00 +0000 en More Colours, Presents, Noize, Shirts, Paper & Solidarity ! Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:21:55 +0000 Administrator Allgemeinantifa kalenderfire and flames musicfire and flames riotweargraffittirote hilfesun sea socialismt shirt STORE UPDATES: We restocked our cans selection and now got a lot of freaky colours of the Montana Black 400ml and for the pockets the Montana Black 50ml. Paint the world – spread the word – R.I.P. OZ! Again, the music section had been restocked, we also now have Fire and Flames gift certificates and the Sun, Sea, Socialism T-Shirt in bordeaux colours is back in all sizes. Additionally we listed a T-Shirt of the solidarity organization Rote Hilfe, all benefits will straight go to there. And brandnew just in this moment the fall number 104 of the essential Antifa Info Blatt and even the Antifa Kalender 2015 arrived. So there’s really no reason to wait any longer with your order !!

November 11th 2014 live @ Alte Meierei Kiel: A night of bad bad reggae with 8°6 Crew + K-Mob Thu, 16 Oct 2014 20:39:07 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Fire and Flames Events Music8 6 crewalte meiereifire and flames musickiel


Going underground with the Stumbling Pins Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:18:31 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Fire and Flames Events Musicfire and flamesfire and flames musicrojavaschaubudestumbling pins

Some of you may remember that we once announced the release date as well as the correspondent gig of the new Stumbling Pins – „Lifetime Crisis“ EP (FFM038) for october 10th. We unfortunatly weren‘t able to keep both because first the band’s new drummer proved authenticity by breaking his arm through a skateboard accident and then we had some trouble with the pressing too. Well, instead we put up a real underground accoustic pre-release show at the FF headquarter last friday and had a great evening with dozens of lovely friends, good noise and tasty catering. Along the way it was also useful to collect some money for the „Weapons for the YPG/YPJ“ campaign and to mobilise for the very succesful Kobanê-demonstration in Kiel the next day. Now we can‘t wait for the the Stumbling Pins EP to be finally out very soon and to meet you again for the second try at Schaubude on november 14th. Watch out!

Weapons for Rojava! Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:04:05 +0000 Administrator Social War Antifa Repressionkobanekurdistanrojavaypgypj

„I hate violence and we hate war, but …“ the Blaggers once sung about Northern Ireland … Sometimes the right conviction, the power of the people, courage and enthusiasm are unfortunatly not enough to resist the brutality of this world. It’s definitively not the lack of all this what makes Free Kobané in kurdish Rojava a highly endangered place since weeks. That’s why we support the campaign to collect money for weapons for our comrades fighting in the rows of YPG and YPJ against the clerical fascist IS and for liberty, equality and peace in the Middle East. BIJI AZADI !

Donation Account:

Payee: PM
Keyword: „Rojava“
Account Number : 506155858
Bank Code: 76010085
IBAN: DE70760100850506155858

Info: | |

„A spectre is haunting Kiel – the spectre of Fire and Flames.“ Thu, 02 Oct 2014 17:48:17 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Fire and Flames Events Music8 6 crewaction séditionalte meiereibig bandersfire and flamesfire and flames musick mobkiellos 3 puntoslos fastidiosschaubudestumbling pins

October 3rd: Do it right Antifa! Mon, 29 Sep 2014 19:13:13 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Events Social War AntifaAntifacommunisthate germanykein tag für deutschlandkick the nation

We hate the european austerity dictatorship, we hate racist compartmentalisation and marginalisation, we hate murdering nazi-bandits, we hate the shoving around of the poor, we hate capitalist wars, we hate the green party, we hate total state control and we hate the bleak routine here. We have one generic term for all this shit: Germany! On october 3rd it’s time to go on the streets for something better than that once again: To Hanover please! But unfortunatly it’s not only to trouble the german celebration: There’s also an ugly nazi-march in Hamm (Ruhr) to attack. Wherever you‘ll be: Good luck and take care comrades!

„Long live the resistance of Kobané!“ Wed, 24 Sep 2014 22:02:21 +0000 Administrator Allgemein "Futbol" Social War Antifa Repression
(23.9.2014, Südkurve Millerntor Stadion Sankt Pauli Hamburg)

The situation in the syrian-kurdish city of Kobanê just gets worse in these hours. Our thoughts are with our comrades who courageous resisted the IS bandits in the last months and who won‘t give up the hope as long as free Kobanê is not fallen to their bloody hands. Good luck to the hundreds of thousands who are on the run to save their lives. Whatever will happen, the people of Rojava’s impressing struggle for humanity, for peace, for equality and for self-determination is already today a shiny star in the long unfinished history of social revolution. We remember all those who gave their lives for our common idea. Even the darkest hour will pass by.

(Find updated information at Perspektive Kurdistan)

NEW MDB – „Ghettoblaster“ Videoclip ! Fri, 19 Sep 2014 11:39:49 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Fire and Flames Musicfire and flames musicgraff traingraffittihardcorehiphopmoscow death brigadewhat we feel „Rap, punk, metal, trainbombing, football and many more – this is the world of Moscow Death Brigade!“ --- Watch this excellent new video showing our excellent homies at excellent places performing an excellent tune. Be sure: After you won‘t resist taking part at your local show of the „Never give up tour“ with What We Feel starting today in Novi Sad and saving your copy of the spick-and-span MDB – „Hoods Up“ 12″/CD (FFM037). CHECK!

Remember Pavlos Fyssas ! Wed, 17 Sep 2014 22:49:22 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Social War AntifaafaAntifaantifascismantifascistKillahPPavlos Fyssasremembering means fightingsolidaritätsolidarity One year ago on september 18th 2013 the antifascist activist Pavlos Fyssas, who also performed as a rap-artist under the name KillahP, was stabbed to death by a member of the greek neonazi-party Chrysi Avgi in a suburb of Athens. In several cities all over Europe comrades and friends of Pavlos will remember him and every other victim of fascist violence today. It’s up to us never to give in and to continue the resistance against the threat of fascism and to oppose its protagonists. The murder on Pavlos which happened in the midst of the social decline in Greece following the economic crisis also warns us, that antifascism always needs to be connected with the struggle against the capitalist crisis system and its austerity politics too. NEVER FORGET THE VICTIMS OF FASCISM! REST IN PEACE PAVLOS!

Solidarity with brother Adel! Sun, 07 Sep 2014 13:51:34 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Antifa Repression After our comrade Adel from Berlin already had to spend four months behind bars last winter, the trial against him will begin next tuesday, september 9th. He’s accused of throwing a bottle on a NPD-cadre, robbing some ugly nazi-clothes, insulting coppers and scaring fascist scum. Irrespective of whether these accusations are true or not we ask ourselves where the hell’s the problem with all these things??! Adel is threatened by a multi-year prison sentence. Support him at the court.