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Back in stock: Lonsdale & Urban Classics

We proudly present two newcomers in our Fire and Flames shop: Lonsdale London and Urban Classics.

Based on the roots of Muhammad Ali, Lonsdale retook straight positions against rascist and fascist scum in society, sports and culture within the last years. Not only with explicit shirt designs but also with practical support for antifascist and antirascist campaigns, refugees and left-wing sports teams. Good attitude, smooth designs and addiction to sports – no discussion, a perfect partner for Fire and Flames. Find a nice selections of shirts, sweaters and accessories here.

Urban Classics comes with high-quality products and basic designs for those on a smaller budget. Get your casual wind-breaker to resist the uncomfortable weather here.

Warm clothes for you … with a message !

It’s getting colder and colder… But thanks to your favourite revolutionary clothing dealer you‘ve got the great opportunity to feel the heat although the summer’s over now: Two absolute FF classics – „Antifascist Always“ and „Dialogue“ – as sweater respectively hoodie now back in stock. Don‘t wait until the bad cold has got you comrade!

[BACK & NEW IN STOCK] Rojava and YPG/ YPJ Solidarity-Shirts!

Together with our comrades of the Rojavakommittéerna, a nationwide network of independent leftist and kurdish groups in Sweden, we distribute these shirts in solidarity with the resistance and the social revolution in the west-kurdish regions of Rojava. Many comrades lost their life in the brave and heroic fight of the People’s defence forces YPG/YPJ against the fundamentalist terror of the „IS“ and the attacks by the reactionary turkish state. No one is forgotten and nothing is forgiven!

The sale is bounded in a current donation campaign of these comrades. The profits will directly be forwarded to Rojava to support the rebuilding of Free Kobanê.

Support the revolutionary process in Kurdistan! Long live the resistance of Rojava!

Get your shirt here:

„YPG/ YPJ Gerilla“ Solidarity-Shirt (white)
„YPG/ YPJ Gerilla“ Solidarity-Shirt (black)
„Biji Berxwedana Rojava“ Solidarity-Shirt (black)

No Stage For Nationalism.

While some shitty nationalist „Deutschrock“ band from Italy plays a shitty festival just one shitty town away the same time, some very good guys have put up an antifascist alternative to this shit in Flensburg this week-end with a bunch of nice different style same attitude bands on two days. We totally support the Keine Bühne für Nationalismus-Festival at the self-organised and still squatted space Luftschlossfabrik, so you‘ll find us with a really nice table up there.

See you later, let’s rock the stupid scum away!

Barren walls?

We now have different high quality posters of our friend and comrade Adam O. – anarchist activist and artist from Copenhagen – in stock. See here!

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