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For the first time ever: FF SKIRTS

Alright alright – we are probably a bit late with this as it looks like summer seems to be over now more or less. At least here in the north. So it might not be the best temperature for wearing a skirt in the next months. Probably a rookie mistake? We just don‘t care. If you do so too go get your personal-original-brandnew-forthefirsttimeever-fireandflamesriotwear-skirt here!

Solidarity package for our comrade Joel available!

We produced a little solidarity-package including a shirt ( / ) and a poster for you to support our comrade Joel, who is captured by the swedish state. The benefits will be forwarded to the Free Joel solidarity structure in Sweden.

Joel is in prison, sentenced to 5 years and 6 months, for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in the Kärrtorp area of Stockholm against a brutal nazi-attack on the 15th of December. Joel got arrested by the police a few days later altough the anti-fascists did nothing but defend themselves. Altough the left-wing people of Stockholm showed strength afterwards, Joel and his comrades still need your solidarity, your solidarity-actions and your letters to our imprisoned comrade.


Well dressed for the summer

In the last weeks we listed a blast of new clothes in our shop: As we already told you we now have the much loved HATE GERMANY shirt available in all sizes and varieties again as well as ANTIFASCIST ALWAYS shirts and the SUN, SEA, SOCIALISM motive in black on black and bordeaux. Again the MOB is back in black in all sizes but also gets dressed for summer in a shiny blue this time. Finally we also put up the hot shirts of our comrades FIRESTARTERS Copenhagen. And since we‘ve been to Paris this month we didn‘t just take some great music but also a wicked (and limited) ANTIFA PARIS shirt. And last but not least we shouldn‘t conceal at this point what everbody should know already anyway: There’s also a choice of the best motives of TRUE REBEL STREETWEAR available via FF since weeks. Phew – that’s it for the moment, check our online-shop!

Black Ferry Hamburg Opens Its Doors

We are excited to share with you the grand opening of yet another collectively run store, this time in Hamburg under the name „Black Ferry.“ The grand opening is this Saturday, and will include lectures, vegan food, live music, and a surprise band.
(I wont be there, having instead chosen to have some screws placed in my hand…not that Im bitter or anything about it…)

The complete invitation can be read in German below. Needless to say, this location is a great place to get Fire and Flames Music and Clothing (as well as some Partisano and Uptight) in Hamburg (together with the True Rebel Store). What else they carry….

„Am 4.8. ist es soweit. Erstmals öffnen sich die Türen von Black Ferry, unserem Laden, den wir zukünftig gemeinsam mit zwei Freunden in der Fährstraße 56(gleich neben unsere Werkstatt,wegen kurzen Wegen und so)betreiben werden.

In dem Geschäft wird es neben unseren Klamotten auch Sachen von befreundeten Labels und andere schicke Klamotten geben. Des weiteren gibts einen „Medienraum“ mit LP´s/CD´s und Büchern und gemütlichen Sofas zum gemütlichen Sitzen während des reinlesens. Außerdem haben wir auch an euer leibliches Wohl gedacht -natürlich nur an das Vegane – also gibt es bei uns auch eine Vegan-Food-Ecke mit Lebensmitteln zum Einkaufen und später Reinhauen.

Wir laden euch hiermit herzlich ein, mit uns die Eröffnung unseres Lädchens zu feiern.

Und weil wir es richtig schön haben wollen, bieten wir euch ein umfassendes Unterhaltungsprogramm: von 12-15 Uhr ist Kaffee und Kuchen und als Untermalung Musik vom Band. Ab 15:30 Uhr beginnt ein kleines Programm mit Lesung(Faulheit und Müßiggang), anschließend gibts HipHop ON PLATT(MC mit Schlagzeug Begleitung).
Und am Abends gibt es dann noch mal richtig was auf die Ohren. Die Leute kommen auf ihrer Kogge die Elbe runter, um Black Ferry zu entern und bringen wütende Bäuche und traurige Herzen mit. Yeah, das Zusammentreffen verspricht unterhaltsam zu werden!!!

Falls ihr es bis Samstag nicht abwarten könnt: Schaut euch einfach mal unsere Facebookseite an: Black Ferry.

Grüße an euch da draußen und bis Samstag,


Out with the Old, in with the New: Jacket Discount Action

As you might know, we rarely do discount actions or other gimmicks of the sort. And when we do, there is usually a good reason. Well, this time, there are two. In general, we are aiming to have the new webpage ready by early September (it will be the difference between the stone age and the space era!) and the more stuff we can get rid of, the less the work of entering new items into the new shop. So, look for quite a few discount actions over the next few weeks.

In particular, we begin again by drastically reducing the jacket prices. Why? Because we are again working on the newest round of jackets (mainly sweatjackets) for this Fall. Some new designs, some classics will be back, all are incredible.

Long story short… all jackets are up to 50% off for at least the next couple of weeks. Here you are…

And of course, still for 9€ the one you are all going crazy for…

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