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13.12 – Polizia Merda !

Congrats Comrads!

A wonderful date to link this marvelous and sporty video from the antifascist actions against the Nazi-March in Leipzig yesterday. Leipzig proved hard and defended the title of the „German Riot-Champion 2015″ which was announced by the Commitee of the Premier League of Autonomists a few days ago. Cool

Big respect to all ya classy riot-kids, insane crackpots, east-antifa-hools, over-30-rioters, cool cripples and pissed of punx or what ever! You did a high class end-of-season riot! Solidarity, Health and warm hux for all people who got injured, were beaten up by the pigs or were put in prison!

In love – Fire and Flames

Love Fire and Flames, hate the games of the capital !

As you might already know some neoliberal urban planners who not even shy to drag our label’s name in the mud, have the woolgathering to organise the Olympic Games 2024 in Hamburg and Kiel, what actually means more displacement, more repression and more redistribution from the bottom to the top. Tomorrow we‘re called to vote „NO“ at the referendum and we‘ll surely do so, what doesn‘t mean that we wouldn‘t still prefer the „NO“ of the streets of course …

So say NO to fuckin‘ Olympia !

Spread it to the world: #‎pkknaklar‬

23 years ban of the PKK in Germany are 22 years too much. Neither imperialist wars nor fundamentalist and state terror – but social revolution for the Middle East and beyond.

Stop the criminalisation of the kurdish liberation movement!


New revolutionary Poetry in Stock !

Some insurrectionist militants need a place to relax after hard times in struggle and wrote a nice little book… Read what those Children Of War have to tell you and get your hot off the press copy of „Der Friedort der Revolutionäre“ (german language!) directly in our store or download for free here.

November 1st 2015: World Kobanê Day

Global Rally for the Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane

„The determined resistance of the Kurdish men and women in this strategic border region of Rojava (Western Kurdistan in Syria) inspired people and governments all over the world when they successfully repelled the siege of their city Kobane by the Islamic State (ISIS) just over a year ago. Their fight became a symbol of popular resistance to the merciless violence and horrendous atrocities committed by ISIS.

In response, on 1 November 2014 an urgent international call for a global day of action for Kobane and for Humanity was launched appealing to people all over the world to show solidarity with Kobane and for humanitarian and material assistance.“

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: