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Transparent Magazin #1

TRANSPARENT – das neue Magazin für Fußball und Fankultur.

Fußball bietet mehr als 90 Minuten Sport – durch eine gewachsene und beeindruckende Fankultur sind in den letzten Jahren viele Facetten hinzugekommen, auf die sich ein genauerer Blick lohnt. Im TRANSPARENT-Magazin zeigen wir deshalb den Fußball aus allen Perspektiven.

Neben den Fans kommen bei uns alle möglichen Menschen rund um den Fußball zu Wort – Spieler, Funktionäre, Journalisten. Wir zeigen den Fußball, wie er ist: vielfältig.

Besonders nahe wollen wir dabei aber den Protagonisten der Fankurven sein, den Fans und Ultras. Sie sorgen für das Leben in und um die Stadien. Dabei gibt es positive und negative Aspekte, die wir aufzeigen und kritisch hinterfragen möchten.

Im TRANSPARENT-Magazin reden wir also über die gesellschaftlich relevanten Themenbereiche rund um den Fußball. „Football, Culture & Politics“ – das ist das TRANSPARENT-Magazin.“


Die wundersame Ruhe am Rhein
Muss ich meinen Gegner wirklich hassen?
Interview: Sebastian Prödl

Ansgar Brinkmann

Abriss Tivoli-Stadion Aachen

Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Rivalen für immer

Paris und London

Ultras gehen neue Wege
Interview mit einem Organisator
Kommentar von Gerd Dembowski

Ein populistischer Reflex
Schöner Strafen mit Frauen

Muss das Sein?

„Subway Art“ 25th Anniversary Hardcover Edition

We just got our hands on two (yes, just two!) copies of this great classic. An essential work for any collector, 70/80s urban art nostalgic, or general fan of graffitti, boming, or street art in general. The book is hard cover, in huge A3 format (!) and of course end to end full with color.

During the 1970s and 80s, photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant captured the environment and the imagination of a generation by documenting the burgeoning New York City graffiti movement. Now 25 years and more than a half a million copies later, their bestselling book Subway Art is available in a large-scale, deluxe format heightening the visual impact of their classic images.

With 70 additional photographs, and a fresh introduction and afterword, this collector’s edition illustrates the passion, creativity and resourcefulness of unlikely kids inventing an art form destined to spread worldwide and spawn the present-day street art movement.

Crimethincs Latest Book… „Work: Capitalism. Economics. Resistance“

Its difficult and probably unwise to summarize or review a book one hasnt read, but well give it a shot anyway. „Work: Capitalism. Economics. Resistance“ is the latest production of the Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective. This means chances are that you will find it inspiring and groundbreaking, or scandalous and insulting. Or possibly both. Whatever the case may be, it will very likely be interesting. Whatever the case, it is definitely refreshing to see Crimethinc tackle the issues of work and economics so squarely, laying once and for all to rest the absurd concept of escaping this totality through individual actions (which they will claim they never argued for, possibly correctly, yet the fact remains that they were often interpreted this way). The book opens by presenting us with the view of our lives as occupied territory. „Our lives are occupied territory. Who controls the resources in your community, who shapes your neighborhood and the landscape around it, who sets your schedule day by day and month by month?“

In usual Crimethinc fashion, this 368 page long book is very well laid out, profusely illustrated, and filled with possibly cliched but nevertheless inspiring snippets and quotes. You can see the table of contents as well as more images by following this link.

Finally, here is what people who have not only read it, but indeed even wrote it themselves, have to say about it:

„After so much technological progress, why do we have to work more than ever before? How is it that the harder we work, the poorer we end up compared to our bosses? When the economy crashes, why do people focus on protecting their jobs when no one likes working in the first place? Can capitalism survive another century of crises?

Our newest book, entitled Work, addresses these questions and a great many more. To answer them, we had to revisit our previous analysis of employment and develop a more nuanced understanding of the economy. We spent months studying obscure history and comparing notes about how we experience exploitation in our daily lives, slowly hammering out a grand unified theory of contemporary capitalism.

In addition to distilling our findings in this book, we’ve also prepared a poster to diagram the system it describes. The poster is based on the classic illustration of the pyramid of the capitalist system published in the Industrial Worker in 1911. With the assistance of Packard Jennings, we’ve created a new version, much more detailed than the original and updated to account for all the transformations of the past one hundred years.

In combination, the book and poster explore the positions we occupy within this pyramid and the mechanics that maintain it. From the industrial revolution to the internet, from the colonization of the Americas to the explosion of the service sector and the stock market, from the 2008 financial crisis to the upheavals taking place right now across the globe, Work offers an overview of how capitalism functions in the 21st century and what we can do to get beyond it.“

„Soccer vs. the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics,“ by Gabriel Kuhn

While I have sadly lacked the time to keep you all up to date with the spectacular and ridiculous developments in the upside down world of Argentine futbol the last few months, a quick post to suggest a book which is very close to my heart.

Without even reading a word of it, you have to know that its good for the simple reason that there are pictures of both Atlanta and Racing fans in it, thanks to my incessent harassment of the author.

That aside, the book paints a good overview of the world of progressive football culture, but well let the intro and reviews below speak for themselves.

For those of you in or around Goettingen, you can catch a book presentation and discussion with the author at „Flaming Star“ on Wednesday, October 19th at 20:00.

For the rest of you…

Soccer has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Professionalism and commercialization dominate its global image. Yet the game retains a rebellious side, maybe more so than any other sport co-opted by money makers and corrupt politicians. From its roots in working-class England to political protests by players and fans, and a current radical soccer underground, the notion of football as the „people’s game“ has been kept alive by numerous individuals, teams, and communities.

This book not only traces this history, but also reflects on common criticisms: soccer ferments nationalism, serves right-wing powers, fosters competitiveness. Acknowledging these concerns, alternative perspectives on the game are explored, down to practical examples of egalitarian DIY soccer!

Soccer vs. the State serves both as an orientation for the politically conscious football supporter and as an inspiration for those who try to pursue the love of the game away from television sets and big stadiums, bringing it to back alleys and muddy pastures.


„There is no sport that reflects the place where sports and politics collide quite like soccer. Athlete-activist Gabriel Kuhn has captured that by going to a place where other sports writers fear to tread. Here is the book that will tell you how soccer explains the world while offering means to improve it.“
—Dave Zirin, author Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love

„I was greatly encouraged by this work. It provided me with alternative ways to play, enjoy, and talk about football, leaving behind nationalism and the exclusiveness of elite athletes. When we applied the clues and tips included here to the anti-G8 football matches in Japan in 2008, we were able to communicate, interact, and connect with many people, regardless of nationality, race, and religion. I recommend this book to all who seriously hope for an alternative space in sports. Unite the world through football, and reclaim sports!“
--Minobu, Rage Football Collective (RFC), Japan

„Gabriel Kuhn illustrates compellingly how many radicals use soccer as a cathartic gas station, and how they integrate the game into their political beliefs and struggles. Has this to do with the game or with the people? The work ties both aspects together and is indispensable reading for those who want to know how important and how passionate activism in sports can be.“
--Gerd Dembowski, Bündnis aktiver Fussballfans (BAFF) & Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)

About the Author:

Gabriel Kuhn was born in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1972. He was deeply immersed in soccer culture as a teenager, and became one of the country’s youngest semi-professional players. Tired of both the demands and the politics, he abandoned his career for studies, travels, and activism, but still joins pick-up games whenever he gets the chance. Gabriel has published widely on underground culture and politics, and founded the DIY publishing outfit Alpine Anarchist Productions in 2000. Previous publications with PM Press include Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age Piracy (author, 2010), Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics (editor, 2010), and Gustav Landauer: Revolution and Other Writings (editor/translator, 2010).

Obrint Pas CD / Book, „Coratje“

The newest work of Valencias Latin ska band is much, much more than a simple CD. In fact, the question is if it is a book with a CD, or a CD with a book.

Whatever the case may be, their newest release is presented with an A5 hardcover book clocking in at well over 100 pages, including texts on a variety of issues of social relevance from a wide array of authors. All texts are in Catalan, Spanish, and English!

Musically, the band continues to deliver an impressive mix of ska, punk, latin beats, and the unmistakeable folk notes of the „dolcaina.“

This is without a doubt one of the most impressive releases in a long time.

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