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Weekend activities: Erich Mühsam, anti-racist football, maritime summer!





On the road again. Next stop: ULTRASH!

Time to pack our bags for our trip to Potsdam today for the journey to the eighth round of the amazing ULTRASH Festival. The name tells its own tale: Ultras Babelsberg and RASH Berlin-Brandenburg call for another weekend full of antifascist politics, classy music and good old footie. Can there be a better combination? No!

We‘re really looking forward to meet many old and new friends overthere: You‘ll find us in the pit during the concerts of Anemia 77, Moscow Death Brigade, The Offenders, Artificial Eyes, Die Bullen and many others, on the dancefloor to the sound of the Old Fashioned Rude Boys, probably on the terraces at the little test match of Null-Drei in Kreuzberg on sunday, surely at the highly important demonstration in solidarity with the struggling refugees of the Ohlauer Straße in Berlin on saturday (2pm Hermannplatz) and of course at our little stand on the festival ground the whole weekend. Ah, and there are also some bad informations about two ugly nazi-concerts in the berlin-area over the weekend too, so there‘ll be lots of things to do.

Heavy program – let’s kick it! See you later!

Onward to Antira 2014!

We can‘t imagine anything better than spending a long weekend together with hundreds of football-maniacs of the good kind from all over Europe playing football, spinning antiracist networks, educating themselves and of course having a laugh… That’s why we‘ll join the Antiracist Tournament Sankt Pauli 2014 this weekend, for the first time on the magic ground of the Millerntor-Stadion. It starts on friday, may 30th and lasts until sunday, june 1st and all of you, who are not that much into football-culture, should at least come along on saturday, as the program on this day is highly political. Moreover at the party afterwards at Hamburg’s most dangerous space Rote Flora you can listen to brilliant stuff like The Movement and Moscow Death Brigade. You can have a look at the whole program here. And yes – you‘ll find a FF-stand there too!

Historic. Weekday. Away Game. 1200 KM distance. 10 000 Fans. Only Racing Club.

You might be wondering why we are showing you a blurry picture of some busses on a rainy Argentine country road. Its because these busses are part of an historic mass mobilization, once again protagonized by the fans of Buenos Airess great and glorious Racing Club. Tonight is the final of the „Copa Argentina,“ between Racing Club and Boca Juniors, taking place in San Juan, 1200 KM from Buenos Aires. Just how massive is this mobilization?

The caravan of Racing fans is ***111*** sold out busses, ***21*** chartered airplanes, plus all those travelling in cars or normal flights.

This not being enough, the club has installed cinema screens at its social centers in Avellaneda and Villa del Parque. Tickets to both are sold out as well.

A Racing Lo Hace Grande Su Gente.

Match starts at 1 30 am, and you can watch it on, and here are images from the semi-final, where Racing dramatically eliminated River Plate in a penalty shootout:

(For you Europeans who only are aware of footballers who have played over there…you will notice one of the most recent additions to Racings roster…Mauro Camoranesi.)

Transparent Magazin #1

TRANSPARENT – das neue Magazin für Fußball und Fankultur.

Fußball bietet mehr als 90 Minuten Sport – durch eine gewachsene und beeindruckende Fankultur sind in den letzten Jahren viele Facetten hinzugekommen, auf die sich ein genauerer Blick lohnt. Im TRANSPARENT-Magazin zeigen wir deshalb den Fußball aus allen Perspektiven.

Neben den Fans kommen bei uns alle möglichen Menschen rund um den Fußball zu Wort – Spieler, Funktionäre, Journalisten. Wir zeigen den Fußball, wie er ist: vielfältig.

Besonders nahe wollen wir dabei aber den Protagonisten der Fankurven sein, den Fans und Ultras. Sie sorgen für das Leben in und um die Stadien. Dabei gibt es positive und negative Aspekte, die wir aufzeigen und kritisch hinterfragen möchten.

Im TRANSPARENT-Magazin reden wir also über die gesellschaftlich relevanten Themenbereiche rund um den Fußball. „Football, Culture & Politics“ – das ist das TRANSPARENT-Magazin.“


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