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FFM037: Moscow Death Brigade – Hoods Up 12″/CD

We are honoroured to announce the first ever vinyl and cd release of Moscow’s unique antifascist circle-pit hiphop crew Moscow Death Brigade on FFM. 12″ and cd include the 5-track „Hoods Up“ ep and three bonus tracks, one never published anywhere before. Available within the next weeks, stay tuned.

Weekend activities: Erich Mühsam, anti-racist football, maritime summer!





On the road again. Next stop: ULTRASH!

Time to pack our bags for our trip to Potsdam today for the journey to the eighth round of the amazing ULTRASH Festival. The name tells its own tale: Ultras Babelsberg and RASH Berlin-Brandenburg call for another weekend full of antifascist politics, classy music and good old footie. Can there be a better combination? No!

We‘re really looking forward to meet many old and new friends overthere: You‘ll find us in the pit during the concerts of Anemia 77, Moscow Death Brigade, The Offenders, Artificial Eyes, Die Bullen and many others, on the dancefloor to the sound of the Old Fashioned Rude Boys, probably on the terraces at the little test match of Null-Drei in Kreuzberg on sunday, surely at the highly important demonstration in solidarity with the struggling refugees of the Ohlauer Straße in Berlin on saturday (2pm Hermannplatz) and of course at our little stand on the festival ground the whole weekend. Ah, and there are also some bad informations about two ugly nazi-concerts in the berlin-area over the weekend too, so there‘ll be lots of things to do.

Heavy program – let’s kick it! See you later!

This month’s „give a coin“ : Solidarity with Kavala antifascists!

After we collected some money for the Freedom March to Brussels last month, this time our new little give a coin campaign wants to give support to comrades from the greek city of Kavala. There a store run by an antifascist activist was attacked and partly destroyed by neonazis in liaison with the police on January 26th 2014. We call everyone who places an order in our online shop in the next weeks to use this easy possibility to show some international antifascist solidarity. We‘ll give the collected money to the comrade who was attacked afterwards. No pasaran ! You can find more information about the incidents and the situation in Kavala in this communiqué spread by the Griechenland-Solidaritätskomitee Kiel (only in german language at the moment, sorry!). ¡No pasarán!

Well dressed for the summer

In the last weeks we listed a blast of new clothes in our shop: As we already told you we now have the much loved HATE GERMANY shirt available in all sizes and varieties again as well as ANTIFASCIST ALWAYS shirts and the SUN, SEA, SOCIALISM motive in black on black and bordeaux. Again the MOB is back in black in all sizes but also gets dressed for summer in a shiny blue this time. Finally we also put up the hot shirts of our comrades FIRESTARTERS Copenhagen. And since we‘ve been to Paris this month we didn‘t just take some great music but also a wicked (and limited) ANTIFA PARIS shirt. And last but not least we shouldn‘t conceal at this point what everbody should know already anyway: There’s also a choice of the best motives of TRUE REBEL STREETWEAR available via FF since weeks. Phew – that’s it for the moment, check our online-shop!

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