Assorted Nr. 11: The Best of Antideutsch on the Web, Personal D-Day, Jackets Nr. 6, usw.

*Jackets: And again. These arent our favorites or anything, its just *some more* color combinations, you know…because the other 50 (!!!) apparently werent enough. They arent even done yet, and I already hate them all.

*I believe the saying about blogs was something like „never before had so many people with so little to say said so much.“ Latest proof of the truth of this statement is antideutsch in Stuttgart. An entertainment (nevermind „inhaltlich“) value somewhere around that of watching paint dry.

On the other hand, when antiDs take the trouble to write more „interesting“ material, we get insanity like racket reality. Here is a hot tip for you: if the left/autonome scene/movement/wahteveryouwantocallit is such a horrible, terrible, violent, anti-semite riddled creature, which you anyways constantly state to hate and despise….how about just leaving it in peace. Of course…then absolutely nobody would listen to you, and it would prove more difficult to find an audience for the „show of the perpetual victim.“

And finally, the comment from knes regarding the „Benz Statt Boykott“ article. My favorite part…
„Sein Es steht ihm im Wege. Wenn er Benz,Siemens und co. meint greift er insgeheim seinen eigenen Vater an. Frühkindliche Ohnmachtsgefühle konnte er nicht adäquat beantworten. Dafür müssen jetzt Konzerne her, die er, (bei ihm heißt das dann symbolisch. symbolisch für was?!) stellvertrend für den Vater angreifen kann. “
So who needs psychologists, when we have antideutsch nerds to take care of us for us?!

On a more serious note, a statement from Azzoncao and the Antifa Jugend Bochum. Experience tells us, when in doubt, dont believe the antiD „victims.“

*On a more personal note, for those of you following the „Long March to Recovery“: Tomorrow is X-ray day again, and the „spannung“ is barely „auszuhalten.“ If all goes well (and all will go well!), as of tomorrow I can begin putting full weight on the leg, and in 7-10 days begin trying to walk without crutches….after exactly 4 months! Since jogging is for the next couple of years at least out of the question, and my body screams for aerobic activity, the occasion is being celebrated with this investment. Clearly, not the kind of sports Im used to, but its definitely a step forward from Playstation as „sporting activity.“

4 Antworten auf „Assorted Nr. 11: The Best of Antideutsch on the Web, Personal D-Day, Jackets Nr. 6, usw.“

  1. 1 elektroklatsche 05. August 2009 um 22:05 Uhr

    Hihi.. its really funny how you search Blogsport for other Blogs only to blame them.. without any reason just for more Posts/Fame/idk what.. thx for the free promotion!

  2. 2 Administrator 06. August 2009 um 1:06 Uhr

    Ah yes…the fame. You know its all for the fame! Glad to be able to bring some entertainment into your clearly otherwise quite uneventful day.

    PS If you want privacy…start a journal, avoid the internet.

  3. 3 me 06. August 2009 um 3:18 Uhr

    wow, antideutschen-bashing, how cutting edge.

  4. 4 Administrator 06. August 2009 um 12:44 Uhr

    Bashing? No….the content speaks for itself, no bashing necessary.

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