Assorted 29: Protests in England and Italy, Siempre Antifascista, Racing, Comedy, Kim Jong Il, etc.

Midnight on a Friday night, sitting in front of the computer, working on the internet site and writing blog posts. Taken out of context, this might seem spectacularly nerd and loser like. Yet, just returned from hockey (second time since the last surgery…went well!) and now desperately trying to kill the time until the Racing game begins (approx. one hour to go). The importance of todays game is made clear in this previous post. Were I now in Argentina, enjoying the late Spring and not here in -10 degree deep dark Germany village nightmare, I would be here and my life would look like this:

But whatever, „it is what it is,“ and what better way to kill some time than with a good old fashioned completely random and unstructured assorted post after so many days of silence. A sign the blog is appreciated: There were emails and phone calls to complain about the silence and/or ask if everything was OK. I though it was pretty funny. Anyways…

*Politician Humor, Pretty Damned Funny:

*Would be funny if not dangerous and frightening. The Catalan section of the right wing „Partido Popular“ wanted to reach out to youth, so they made a video game. One in which the goal is to collect points by shooting at separatists and immigrants!

*Really damned funny in the „what the fuck“ kind of way is the Kim Looking at Things Blog! It is exactly as it sounds…poctures of Kim Jong Il looking at things. For example, looking at corn:

*Siempre Antifascista Conference, Siempre Antifascista Festival, Silvio Meier Demo

Two weeks, two excursions to Berlin, and sadly little time and energy to report on them in any significant or in depth manner. Fortunately, I am willing to take the hit for all of us and report on our experiences in an insignifcant and shallow manner. Namely, bullet points…

-The Conference: Was well organized, had a truly international character, and presented a pleasant chance to either re-connect with comrades from distant places (particular greetings go at this point to RASH Montreal, the comrade from Miami, and AFA Prague!) or meet new ones. Definitely a worthwhile initiative which should be further built on. Less positive, the very sparce attendance of people from Berlin.

-After the conference..„Caminito Berlin“!!!

Berlins most authentic Argentine restaurant
, with really excellent empanadas and milanesas (although sadly no „asado“). Despite everybody else cancelling at the last minute, I chose to not let social pressure affect my decisions, and pressed on with my plans: Eating obscene amounts of food, while sitting alone and reading a book at a table in a small restaurant on a Saturday night, surrounded by couples in the middle of romantic evenings while myself wearing jogging pants. Classy all the damned way!

-Why did the others abandon me at the last minute? To go and take poser pictures of course!!

We had anyways forgotten our banner…

-Fast forward all of five days, and there we were again on our way to Berlin, this time to attend the Siempre Antifascista festival and the Silvio Meier demonstration.

We are ashamed to say that, day one of the festival we missed, and although this was not the plan…we wouldnt hesitate to do it again! Why? Because we were invited by an Italian comrade to eat at one of the very very fine establishments he runs. We entered the restaurant at 9 pm….and left at 2 am! In the middle…course after course of seafood, pasta, pizza, tiramisu, mascarpone, mousse, liters of red wine, grappa, and coffee. Its a hard life! And it got even harder after we were forced, very much against our will or best instincts, to accompany him afterwards to Clash, SO36 (roller disco!), and some other bar I cant even recall the name of.

-The next day, we dragged our tired and pained selves to some meetings, delivered lots of music to several shops, and off we went to the Silvio Meier demo. We were very presently surprised by its size (estimated 4000 people), and of course the roof actions couldnt fail. Nice, but maybe a bit too much and often lately. The demo in video:

-Straight from the demo to the concert…not much to say about it. Los Fastidios as always, FSFF pretty damned great, The Movement excellent, and so forth. Had the opportunity to chat with tons of people, the show was completely sold out, only negative point…we were there late because of the demo, so our table was again right in front of the speakers, causing probably permanent damage to our hearing. WHAT?

Big congratulations, thanks, and respect to RASH Berlin and Northeast Antifascists for their efforts!

*Student Protests in Italy and England

The protests in England have beeen getting much more media attention, probably because it is more rare for British students to engage in militant confrontations than it is in Italy. Regardless, after the very sad and sobering defeat of the latest strike movement in France, its nice to see other fronts of resistance to cuts and neo-liberal reforms opening up.

In Rome:

And some pretty good pictures here.

In London:
The occupation and destruction of Tory Headquarters!

An interview on BBC news with a member of Whitechapel Anarchist group, saying what needs to be said:

So, thatll have to be enough. Especially since I didnt finish this last night, and btw Racing won 2-0!!!

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