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The intro of the new collection…

Short on time because The Class War Kids are going on tour, we are preparing to be at the AFA fest in Prague on the weekend, Fire and Flames Festival preparations are in full swing, and people want their orders, we will avoid long introductions…

THE NEW COLLECTION IS ONLINE NOW!!! Some shirts are available immediately, and some designs will be arriving next week.

You can see the designs on here:

or, if you wish to leave comments of admiration, shock, or hatred, you can go to our blog at:

After the fiasco of our winter collection (short summary for those who missed it: we sent money to a known left-wing project for jackets…we never got jackets, and still haven’t gotten our money back) which left Fire and Flames on the brink of disappearing, we are very pleased to be able to come up with this large and varied collection.

The attentive viewer will notice that we have continued with our direction of the past several years…delivering a clear message but trying not to always use the same aesthetic as a vehicle to deliver it (except for “Pyongyang Nightlife,” there isn’t much of a message there, we just found it funny). Different subcultures, our political experiences, past mobilizations, texts from obscure anarchists, our addiction to futbol, are just some of the influences that led to this years designs.

As with last year, all designs are available in several “womens” sizes, as well as XXL in regular cut, and selected designs are available as hoods and sweatshirts. You will also notice that some designs are slightly more expensive than in previous years, but the reason for this is simple…besides the fact that some of them required very much work, we pay by color and there are shirts with up to 8 printed colors!

Finally, we have revamped the catalog and re-ordered all old designs which remain in the catalog. Translation…as of 10.5.2010 ALL Fire and Flames shirts and hoods listed in the catalog are also available in reality. Wild, yet true!

We hope you enjoy the new designs, and thank you once more for your continued support. As many of you know, it has been a very difficult last 12 months for the Fire and Flames world (theft, accident, hospitals, surgeries,etc.) and we have been very inspired by the amount of support and solidarity we have received in that time.

Love and Rage,
Fire and Flames Music and Clothing

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