11.09.1973 marked the abrupt, violent, and bloody end of the experiment known as the „Chilean road to socialism.“ Through parliamentary elections and peaceful means, combined with significant reforms, Allende attempted to utilize the institutions of bourgeois democracy as a path to a socialist Chile. The idea being to thus avoid the otherwise high human cost of a revolutionary struggle.

Sadly, he underestimated the influence of Chiles reactionary sectors, and the power of Chiles highly politicized military (politicized, not precisely in a progressive way). So, while vast sectors of the population sensed the threat and clammored for weapons to defend this „process,“ the day of the military uprising found them, except for precious few exceptions, miserably unarmed. What followed, is common knowledge and needs not be rehashed here. But the quote that best sums up the lesson is „the peaceful road to socialism is the best road to fascism.“
Nunca Mas Sin Fusil!

The following is a long, yet very good, documentary about the Allende period and the coup. Spanish skills required!

Today, Black September in Chile continues, with the comrades blocking streets, occupying universities, and attacking the cops and soldiers wherever and whenever possible. Some images from the clashes of the last few days…

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