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„Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.“

Today another year goes by and it probably has been the most turbulent since years: Starting quite promising with the victory of Kobanê and the greek rebellion against the European austerity regime, as well as with a massive riot also in the heart of the capitalist beast in Frankfurt, and later: the temporary fall of the European borders and spontaneous acts of solidarity in many places, we now – only a few months later – have to make up the balance that things just got worse everywhere: Burning refugee accommodations all over Germany every day, racist mass mobilisations and shift to the right in swaths of Europe, the gradually mutilation of the right of asylum, the training of World War III in Syria, state terror against the progressive and Kurdish movements in Turkey, antifascist comrades in prison and the realisation that our promise, that capitalism, racism and patriarchy are ruining the living together of mankind is probably more true and more up-to-date than we‘ve hoped. It’s obvious that 2016 will be a hard year for everyone who believes in solidarity, equality, freedom and justice as the fundament of human social order. We‘ll have to struggle hard to defend our ideas and achievements.

On the other hand we – spoken as Fire and Flames Collective – also in 2015 again met and worked together with so many great friends and comrades from everwhere who‘ve shown us the beautiful face of this world. It’s everyone of you who still makes us believe that there must be a better way by living it every day. Thanks to everyone who’s part of and supports this wonderful network of comrades we used to call Antifascist Counterculture Worlwide sometime during the year, from Moscow to Marseille, from Prague to Montreal, from Babelsberg to Paris, from Limbach to Copenhagen, from Kiel to Manchester, from Grenoble to Hamburg, in between and beyond… We are honoured to be part of it – you are our strength and you know who you are.

So we hope you‘ll have a great New Years Eve, whether you are keeping up the fight somewhere, just having a drink with your friends or you don‘t give a fuck about that date anyway. And we‘re looking forward to join our Kiel crowd at Alte Meierei tonight for a last order in 2015.

See you next year: On the barricades, in the bars, on the terraces, in the libraries, at the meetings, at the gigs of this planet – let’s fight for a revolutionary 2016!

Moscow Death Brigade – „Hoods Up“ 12″ Vinyl Finally Back In Stock

Moscow Antifascist Circle Pit Rap 8 Track EP

Repress edition of MDBs first ever vinyl release from 2014 now comes in beautiful black cover. Only 250 copies pressed on white vinyl available just via Fire and Flames and from the band. Take your chance before this highly recommended 12″ is sold out again!!

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From Kiel with love: Never give up !

Free Schubi! Free Valentin! Free all political prisoners!

Forward, without forgetting …

„Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!“
(Bertolt Brecht)

In cooperation with our great comrades of RASH Berlin Brandenburg we proudly present our new „Solidarity“-Shirt:

Ladies | Bois | Sweater

Good News To You I Tell !

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