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Great message, great crowd: New MDB video „Papers, please!“

Beautiful documentation of memories of a wonderful week-end with great comrades from all over Europe some weeks ago in Kiel combined with an up to date message more important than ever before nowadays: This is Moscow Death Brigade’s new track and new video „Papers, please!“ dedicated to everyone whose search for shelter or a new home and freedom of movement is obstructed because they don‘t belong to the world’s minority who’s privileged just because of their place of birth in the rich metropolises. „Who’s the real illegal people, who’s the real disease? We’re all immigrants, We‘re all refugees.“

October 23rd/24th Cologne: No „Hogesa“ Comeback!

Back in stock: Lonsdale & Urban Classics

We proudly present two newcomers in our Fire and Flames shop: Lonsdale London and Urban Classics.

Based on the roots of Muhammad Ali, Lonsdale retook straight positions against rascist and fascist scum in society, sports and culture within the last years. Not only with explicit shirt designs but also with practical support for antifascist and antirascist campaigns, refugees and left-wing sports teams. Good attitude, smooth designs and addiction to sports – no discussion, a perfect partner for Fire and Flames. Find a nice selections of shirts, sweaters and accessories here.

Urban Classics comes with high-quality products and basic designs for those on a smaller budget. Get your casual wind-breaker to resist the uncomfortable weather here.

International solidarity against state terrorism – Faşizme karşı omuz omuza!

Tomorrow on the streets in Kiel in commemoration of our 128 turkish and kurdish comrades who were killed by the bomb attacks on a leftist demonstration in ‪‎Ankara‬ last saturday.

3pm Vinetaplatz Gaarden

„Acta non Verba“ Mini-Tour Fall 2015

Our good friend and comrade Hazem from Collectif Nosotros will be on mini-tour through four German cities next week, to present his movie “Acta non Verba – the renewal of antifascism it its struggles“. Acta non Verba is a documentary about European antifascist counterculture based on several interviews with activists from different countries, backgrounds and struggles incl. the anarchist Lucio Urtubia, antifascists from Moscow, activists of social centres in Turin and Hamburg, the rap hardcore band Moscow Death Brigade, the Collectif Nosotros itself and many more. If you have the opportunity to attend the screenings and discussions, use it!

13.10. Potsdam, Hobbykeller (8 pm)
15.10. Gottingen, Lumiere (8 pm)
16.10. Hamburg, Rote Flora (7 pm)
17.10. Neurppin, JWP Mittdrin (7 pm)

Get together – get connected – get active!

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