„Acta non Verba“ Mini-Tour Fall 2015

Our good friend and comrade Hazem from Collectif Nosotros will be on mini-tour through four German cities next week, to present his movie “Acta non Verba – the renewal of antifascism it its struggles“. Acta non Verba is a documentary about European antifascist counterculture based on several interviews with activists from different countries, backgrounds and struggles incl. the anarchist Lucio Urtubia, antifascists from Moscow, activists of social centres in Turin and Hamburg, the rap hardcore band Moscow Death Brigade, the Collectif Nosotros itself and many more. If you have the opportunity to attend the screenings and discussions, use it!

13.10. Potsdam, Hobbykeller (8 pm)
15.10. Gottingen, Lumiere (8 pm)
16.10. Hamburg, Rote Flora (7 pm)
17.10. Neurppin, JWP Mittdrin (7 pm)

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