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90s Legends Live again…

Oh fuck – just wished to be here tonight: Los Tres Puntos, Stage Bottles, Ya Basta and the amazing Les Partisans together on stage again. Cheers and good journey back to the glory days to everyone who‘ll be there!

November 1st 2015: World Kobanê Day

Global Rally for the Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane

„The determined resistance of the Kurdish men and women in this strategic border region of Rojava (Western Kurdistan in Syria) inspired people and governments all over the world when they successfully repelled the siege of their city Kobane by the Islamic State (ISIS) just over a year ago. Their fight became a symbol of popular resistance to the merciless violence and horrendous atrocities committed by ISIS.

In response, on 1 November 2014 an urgent international call for a global day of action for Kobane and for Humanity was launched appealing to people all over the world to show solidarity with Kobane and for humanitarian and material assistance.“

LORELEI – Le Passage

In the mood for some fresh female fronted political punkrock from Nancy? Here’s a first outtake from Lorelei’s upcoming debut album coming very soon!

Press Review #ACAB

(Facsimile, 10/22/2015)

As a customer-friendly company as well as as solidary comrades we‘re glad to hear the good news that our legendary „Anarcho Communists Are Beautiful“ motive on the one hand takes thin-skinned coppers‘ offense but on the other hand is not accusable examined by court. So thanks to the authorities for the good advice to reprint this golden oldie sometimes in near future… Support Rote Hilfe München!



+++ 65 Mines Street – Sick & Bitchin‘ LP +++ Active Minds – Bury The Past EP +++ Burnchurch – s/t LP +++ Chaoze One – Rapression CD +++ Chicken’s Call – 27 LP +++ Drowning Dog & Malatesta – Black Cat Best You CD +++ Flexfits, the – Abschied von der Illusion LP +++ Heros & Zeros – Same EP +++ Juggling Jugulars – Salute No One LP +++ Juggling Jugulars – When I See 7″ +++ Los Fastidios – So Rude, So Lovely MCD +++ Moon Hop – Never Go Back Home 7″ +++ Protestera – 01.05.1886 LP +++ Protestera – Gränslösa Land EP +++ Protestera – Zora EP +++ Protestera / @patia No – Split EP +++ Protestera / Gotcha – Split 10″ +++ Rage Against The Machine – Same LP +++ Rancid – And out come the Wolves LP +++ Respect My Fist – wütend überzeugt radikal tanzbar EP +++ Smiths, the – Meat Is Murder LP +++ Social Crisis / Days Of Desolation – Split EP +++ Wasted – Here Comes The Darkness LP +++ V/A – Smash Capitalism: Songs For A Social Revolution CD +++

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