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Los Fastidios „So Rude, So Lovely“ CD EP OUT NOW!

AVAILABLE NOW! Brandnew Los Fastidios EP CD „So Rude, So Lovely“: Two new songs plus a revival of the good old „La nostra città“ revisited in a ska version. CD also contains five bonus tracks including a great Clash influenced version of „Bella Ciao“ and four tracks of the current LF album „Let’s do it“ as special versions. Out on KOB Records proudly powered by Fire and Flames Riotwear. Get your copy here!

Faşizme Karşı Omuz Omuza – Side by side against fascism !

While Erdogan escalates his bloody war against the kurdish liberation movement and civil population day by day there will be a good opportunity to continue with the solidarity campaign for our comrades in Turkey and Kurdistan next friday in Hamburg. One day before we‘ll kick the fascist and racist scum off the streets of Hamburg, antifascist and kurdish groups call for an internationalist demonstration on day of action’s eve.

7pm / Sternschanze / Hamburg


Beside Paul and Valentin another antifascist comrade is locked in a german prison at the moment, a case which didn‘t get too much publicity yet. Since december 2014 Schubi, football supporter and antifascist activist from Rostock, is doing time in JVA Waldeck. He’s accused of attacking cops on the verge of football matches and being a „leader“ of a militant antifascist task force. Again it’s obvious that police and prosecution want to blame a well known troublemaker for breaking the ranks of the ruling order. His trial just impends and a show trial must be feared. So help to spread the information about Schubis situation and, as always, give support by writing letters and postcards.


„Hin und Wech“ = Nice One !

We can‘t await this weekend’s Hin und Wech-Fest supporting antifascist counterculture in Saxony-Anhalt’s province. Looking forward to see great bands like The Detectors, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Power, Stage Bottles, Respect My Fist, Enraged Minority and many more. Come along and clink glasses at our table!

Sad but true

„Sad but true“, the story of the neonazi murder of Ivan Khutorskoj – punkrocker, redskin and antifascist activist from Mosow – in 2009, is now available as a free stream with subtitles in 14 (!) languages. If you don‘t know this great documentary about this afflictive case, a great comrade and a never surrending antifascist scene yet, you shouldn‘t miss your chance to catch up on it. Never forget, never forgive.

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