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No Stage For Nationalism.

While some shitty nationalist „Deutschrock“ band from Italy plays a shitty festival just one shitty town away the same time, some very good guys have put up an antifascist alternative to this shit in Flensburg this week-end with a bunch of nice different style same attitude bands on two days. We totally support the Keine Bühne für Nationalismus-Festival at the self-organised and still squatted space Luftschlossfabrik, so you‘ll find us with a really nice table up there.

See you later, let’s rock the stupid scum away!

A Call To Every Antifascist In Dresden, Saxony, Germany And Beyond.

„It’s time that everyone who is not willing to go along with this politics on the backs of refugees starts to rise up. It’s time to resist nazi violence and racist agitation. Dresden is a central place for this conflict. It’s up to us“

FRIDAY: 3pm – Refugees Welcome Fest in ‪‎Heidenau‬
SATURDAY: 2pm – Antiracist Massrally in Dresden (Central Station) / 6pm – Antifascist Punitive Expedition to Heidenau

So Rude, So Lovely !

Fresh (and refreshed) stuff by Los Fastidios is coming very soon on KOB Records – again proudly powered by Fire and Flames Riotwear!


+++ 210 – Generation CD +++ Aggressors BC – Hallways EP +++ Angelic Upstarts / The Prowlers – Split 7″ +++ Bolt 69 – My heart is breathing CD +++ Bois, the – The pride of Lion City Do-CD +++ Brigadir / Military State – Split CD +++ Business, the – Do a runner EP +++ Defenders Of The Universe / The Higgins – LP + CD +++ Distemper – All Or Nothing CD +++ Distemper – Pride Belief Love CD +++ Distemper – Получить Ответ CD +++ Distemper – The World Is Yours CD +++ E123 – s/t EP +++ Hors Controle – L‘union fait la force LP +++ Iknow – s/t LP +++ Kansalaistottelemattomuus / Komatoz – Split EP +++ Kids On The Streets – Burn it down CD +++ Klowns – Вперёд к свету! EP +++ Klowns – On the Razor’s Edge CD +++ Military State – Hools In The Boots + Streets CD +++ Mister X – ACAB EP +++ Mister X – Jakimi sie stalismy LP/ CD + DVD +++ One Way Street / Suburban Uproar – Eurasian Punk Invasion CD +++ Oppressed, the / Prowlers – Punks‘n'Skins Vol. 6 LP/CD +++ Prowlers, the – Chaos in the City EP +++ Riots, The – Now or Never 7″ +++ Strong Conviction – Cosa Nostra CD +++ Tackleberry – Additional Time EP +++ V/A – A Story Of Teeth And Flowers Do-CD +++ V/A – Action speaks louder than words LP +++ V/A – Screaming for a better future Vol. 4 LP +++ V/A – Oi! Made in Indonesia CD +++ Working Boys – Adequate Reaction CD +++


ROCK THE EMPIRE FROM BELOW – Fire and Flames Festival 2015

And finally here we are … we kindly invite you to the first edition of the legendary Fire and Flames Festival in Kiel.

On october 3rd, the day the german beast annually demonstrates its resurrection, we retort with a convention of comrades from all over Europe and beyond to strengthen international antifascist counterculture and celebrate the resistance against the empire of capitalist exploitation and alienation, killing borders, war, authority, nationalism and fear. In the consciousness that this alone will never be able to replace the struggle in the streets, we still follow the true realisation of good old Emma Goldman: if we can‘t dance it’s not our revolution.

CLEAR THE STAGE FOR (…rataplan…):

Drowning Dog and Malatesta – Anarchist Rap Collective (Milan, Italy)
Les Trois Huit – Singalong Antifa Oi (Grenoble, France)
Moscow Death Brigade – Circle Pit Rap (Moscow, Russia)
Protestera – Militant Anarchopunk, rockin‘ and rioting since 1999 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Stumbling Pins – Melodic but angry Streetpunk (Gaarden, Schleswig-Holstein)
What We Feel – AFA Hardcore (Moscow, Russia)


Movie screening of „Acta Non Verba“ - documentary of European antifascist countercultere by and with Hazem

Aftershow Nighter – Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska with the Reggae Twins (Kiel, Leipzig)

Delicious Slushies by RASH Berlin-Brandenburg


Grafitti Action – Vegan Food by 4K Catering1312Pils – Inforiot – Fire and Flames Riotwear

Saturday, 3.10.2015 / 4pm / Alte Meierei (Hornheimer Weg 2, Kiel)

As we are not able to offer advance booking for several reasons, feel free to send us a mail for reservations: booking[at] . |

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