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Entered The Circle

Last saturday we got the honour to Enter The Circle and join this old school hip hop jam in the heart of our home-quarter Kiel-Gaarden. Much respect and big thanx to all the fresh B-Girlz and B-Boyz, Writerz, DJs and of course the organizers. You created a really special event rooted in the tradition of peace, love and unity! One love – one struggle!

♥ to block Bad Nenndorf in a good dress !

As every year hundreds of neonazis will try to march in the northern german town Bad Nenndorf in just two weeks again. And also this year the Initiative Kein Naziaufmarsch in Bad Nenndorf calls for antifascist blockades. We now have the perfect dress for that day, of course all profits of these official solidarity shirts directly will be forwarded to support the antifa mobilisation.

Come to Bad Nenndorf on august 1st 2015, stop the nazis and get your personal „♥ to block“ shirt here: Boiz / Grrrlz.

‪Take #‎ThisIsACoup‬ to the streets!

After the blackmailed capitulation of SYRIZA’s leaders it’s up to the streets once again: People of the world rise up against german-european austerity tyranny. General strike in Greece and solidarity actions all over Europe and beyond today. Increase the pressure and resist the empire from below. Find a complete list of the international actions here.

Solidarity with the struggling people in Greece: Say ‪‎OXI‬ to german imperialism and crisis capitalism – everywhere!

„From Rags to Riches this is what they say…“

There’s two cute bois from the block with a message to you! Love it!? Find some more Stumbling Pins stuff here.

Enter the Circle 2015

We proudly present this old school hip hop event coming up next saturday in Kiel-Gaarden. It focuses on the culture, the expression, the dance and the music. There will be a graffiti-session in the courtyard, food and drinks and the possibility to play some streetball. Cyphers will run all day long inside the location. See all you b-boys and girls at our stand on the afternoon at Räucherei – Kiel or later for the after show at Medusahof.

Come together in peace, love, unity and have some fun!

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