Kiel is Warzone – sink the NATO-Conference!

From this week end on the so called Kiel Week will take place in our hometown. And as if there’s not already enough wankers coming along for this mainly stupid event, also the militarists – traditionally always a formative component of this festival – go on the offensive this year and try to establish the „Kiel Conference“. Planned as a northern equivalent to the annual „SiKo“ in Munich, NATO strategists, war scientists, arms industrialists and bourgeois politicians want to talk about their upcoming wars on the baltic sea and push the militarisation of society. Thankfully the good side also already started a local mobilisation against military, war and capitalism. So don‘t be shy … come along and help to sink these ugly warmongers in the sea!

Tuesday / June 23th 2015 / 3pm / University / Kiel


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