Antifascist Music against white Noise!

This weekend the Rock am Berg – Open Air will take place in Merkers, a site in the periphery of Thuringia. An area which isn’t famous for its emancipatory orientation and for example nearby the place of origin of the National Socialist Underground. In such circumstances this festival sets a clear statement against right-winged politics and subculture for already ten years. Of course reason enough to support this festival. But its also a good opportunity to enjoy some good antifascist music like the outstanding Baboon Show, the “Drunken Reggae” from Jaya the Cat or the „Deutschpunker“ from Alarmsignal. Actually we wanted to join the festival personally but the bonds of wage labour foiled us. Thanks to the comrades from the “Rock am Berg” – festival there will be a fine selection of Fire and Flames Riotwear. So, if you have no plans for the weekend and live near Merkers, join the Rock am Berg. If you have already plans or don’t live nearby, anyway, join the Rock am Berg!

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