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“Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter”

On June 5th will be the second anniversary of death of the antifascist activist, syndicalist and our comrade Clément Méric, who was killed by fascists in Paris. This year the Comité pour Clément and several other left-wing groups call for an antifascist demonstration in remembrance of Clément and all other victims of racist and fascist violence. The demonstration takes place on the 6th of June, 2pm on Place de Bastille.

Furthermore the comrades from North-East Antifa Berlin produced a documentary film about the death of Clément and current antifascist struggles in times of Europe’s right-wing swing. “Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter” will be officially released within the next weeks in Berlin and after that provided online.

Clément à jamais l‘un des notre ! No one forgotten – nothing forgiven!

Ruhrpott !

Just preparing for Ruhrpott Rodeo punkrock festival to have a look at some top class bands such as Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army, The Baboon Show, Subhumans, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Refused and many more. And of course to fit you with some high quality music and clothing for the elegant revolutionary. See you later comrades!

MDB/WWF „Here to stay“ Split EP (FFM039) OUT NOW!


Overdue split release of Moscow Antifa’s finest What We Feel and Moscow Death Brigade! Five hard rockin‘ tracks on this EP in total – one blasting song of both bands together plus two exclusive tracks from WWF and MDB each. In proud cooperation with Voice of the Streets Records and Distemper Records.

Go directly this way to order here!

Nice little shop update !

Beside some high quality restocks here’s finally some small but brillant update of our record section:

+++ 8°6 Crew – The Oi! years EP +++ 8°6 Crew – Bad bad Reggae LP +++ 8°6 Crew – Old Reggae Friends LP + 7″ +++ Baboon Show – Damnation LP/CD +++ Baboon Show, The – People’s Republic formerly known as Sweden LP +++ Baboon Show – Punkrock Harbour CD +++ Bobby Funk – Pasty Blagger 7″ +++ Doom – Corrup fucking System LP +++ Los Disckolos / Die Schwarzen Schafe – Split LP +++ Moscow Death Brigade / What We Feel – Here to Stay Split MCD +++ Oi Polloi – Fight back! LP +++ Riots, The – Time for Truth! LP/CD +++

And in our clothing corner you now can find some more most wanted FF rarities and single copies of shirts, sweaters and hoodies we‘ve found somewhere in the wideness of our headquarter. Just go here for a rummage!

Don‘t be late, go for it right now brothers and sisters!

From the Manc to Paris: FF delivery service’s coming to town!

Just home from amazing 0161 Festival in Manchester. Cheers to all those old and new friends we met from near and far, to that many great bands rockin‘ us hard and especially to the whole festival crew for putting all up and having us. Really nice one comrades, keep up the good work!

And by the way: The FF crew’s next stop is Paris once again for the CNT Fest with a lot of revolutionary education as well as a killing counter-cultural programm with legendary anarchist rock‘n'roll groups such as Cartouche, La Fraction or The Restarts. See you tomorrow and the whole week end at our stand at the fest, comrades!

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