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#M18: Onward to Frankfurt !

Smash austerity capitalism – see you on the barricades … |


For everyone from near and far who always wanted to visit us in our hometown, this one is probably another good possibility: AfD – the currently most reactionary bourgeois party in germany consisting of a bunch of chauvinistic, nationalist, racist and sexist friends of the capitalist order –, wants to hold its federal party conference at „Sparkassen-Arena“ in the middle of Kiel on march 21st 2015. Your local antifascist comrades invite you to come along early to make some trouble overthere! Check:

„There is a deep deadly sadness growing inside of me…“

We‘ve just received the shocking news that Todd Serious, lead singer of The Rebel Spell, tragically lost his live on Saturday, march 7th 2015 in a rock climbing accident. Both generations of Fire and Flames have been honoured by working together with Todd and met him as a heartily and upright comrade. All of us were really looking forward to welcome him during The Rebel Spell’s european tour actually planned for next month… Although the punk scene has lost a great and expressive voice Todd will live on in his songs forever. We want to express our deepest sympathy to our comrades of The Rebel Spell, his friends in the Vancouver scene and beyond, his family and everyone else who misses this great guy in these minutes. *Fire and Flames Music

Hoods up, bad Kids !

Now available: The still new but already legendary BAD KIDS motive as nice black hoodie, from XS to XXL for now in a limited edition.

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Fresh Paint – Free Joel!

„Yo, when the long arm of the law is grabbing you, backstabbing you (…) pigs harassing you, breaking you down, smashing you…“ (Looptroop – long arm of the law) … „you need a strong movement supporting you!“ (kind-vek & zoik-ff)

Since December 2013 Joel serves his sentence in swedish prison. He still raises his voice – he still did the right thing!
Antifascist selfdefense, for equality & a better world, respect for this brother!

Solidarity is our weapon – support the prisoners & burn down all prisons!

Free Joel – Support & Infos
F&F Solidarity Pack

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