MDB/WWF against propaganda of hate, discrimination and inner-scene elitism

As many of you will have noticed, a widespread article was published on german Indymedia last sunday assuming racist, nationalist, sexist and homophobic tendencies in the russian antifascist scene by using the example of the bands Moscow Death Brigade and What We Feel. This is the bands‘ official reply which in detail takes up political position to these accusations, puts mentioned facts into the right context, refuses false pretences and reflects own mistakes of the past. At this point we don‘t have a reason to doubt our comrades‘ political integrity as progressive antifascists fighting on the same side of the barricade like we do against any kind of oppression, discrimination and inequality. But read, think and conclude for yourselves. For us this explanation leaves no question unanswered and no argument to challenge our collaboration with MDB. For everyone who’s in need of further clarification MDB step up to the discussion today (20.2., 8pm) at Köpi Berlin and always invite you to share criticism, demands and a open dialogue with them. A german translation of this statement will follow soon. *Fire and Flames Music

MDB/WWF Statement on Indymedia | MDB/WWF Statement on facebook

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