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The Rebel Spell „Last Run“ Euro Tour April 2015

In april our friends of The Rebel Spell – fabulous fast and catchy political punkrock from Vancouver (Canada) – will come over to Europe again with their new album „Last Run“ on board. All you northern lights out there have two chances to join them: April 5th they will appear at the great „Just a little bit dangerous“-Fest at hansa48 in Kiel and the next day they will rock the still squatted LuftschlossfAbrik Flensburg on april 6th. Both gigs will be supported by our Gaarden brothers of Stumbling Pins, so there’s really no reason left to miss these nights of angry but affectionate high energy rock‘n'roll!

New Music in Store!

+++ Artificial Eyes – I just want a brandnew Revolution LP +++ Brixton Cats – Quartier Maudit LP +++ Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Bleiben oder Gehen LP/CD +++ Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Scheitern & Verstehen LP/CD +++ Frontkick – The cause of the rebel LP +++ Frontkick – The new beginning EP +++ Gang Control – Keep the PMA 10” +++ Gilbert et ses problèmes – En transit LP +++ Klasse Kriminale ‎– Stai Vivendo O Stai Sopravvivendo? LP +++ Laurel Aitken – Says Fire LP +++ Les Partisans – Style Of CD +++ Los Fastidios – Ora Basta MCD +++ Los Tres Puntos – Contre Vents et Marées MLP +++ Oi Polloi – Unite & Win LP +++ Skuds and Panic People – Lachez les bombes LP +++ Stage Bottles – Big Kick LP +++ Talco – Gran Gala LP +++ Talco – L`Odore Del la Morte EP +++ The Oppressed – Antifa Hooligans EP +++ Tulamort – Main d‘oeuvre internationale CD +++ Youth Brigade – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly LP +++ Save your copies here!

MDB/WWF against propaganda of hate, discrimination and inner-scene elitism

As many of you will have noticed, a widespread article was published on german Indymedia last sunday assuming racist, nationalist, sexist and homophobic tendencies in the russian antifascist scene by using the example of the bands Moscow Death Brigade and What We Feel. This is the bands‘ official reply which in detail takes up political position to these accusations, puts mentioned facts into the right context, refuses false pretences and reflects own mistakes of the past. At this point we don‘t have a reason to doubt our comrades‘ political integrity as progressive antifascists fighting on the same side of the barricade like we do against any kind of oppression, discrimination and inequality. But read, think and conclude for yourselves. For us this explanation leaves no question unanswered and no argument to challenge our collaboration with MDB. For everyone who’s in need of further clarification MDB step up to the discussion today (20.2., 8pm) at Köpi Berlin and always invite you to share criticism, demands and a open dialogue with them. A german translation of this statement will follow soon. *Fire and Flames Music

MDB/WWF Statement on Indymedia | MDB/WWF Statement on facebook

Friday, february 20th: The Offenders & Big Banders @ Schaubude Kiel

Fire and Flames Music presents and really is looking forward for the local show of The Offenders, masters of antifascist hooligan reggae from Berlin (Italia), and the good old Big Banders from the neighborhood on friday, february 20th at Schaubude Kiel. And be sure that the night won‘t be finished until we‘ve danced it away to the groovy tunes of the Reggae Twins in conclusion.

See you on the dancefloor rude boys‘n'girls!

Bijî Berxwedana Rojava !

Together with our comrades of the Rojavakommittéerna, a nationwide network of independent leftist and kurdish groups in Sweden, we distribute this shirt in solidarity with the resistance and the social revolution in the west-kurdish regions of Rojava. The sale is bounded in a current donation campaign of these comrades. The profits will directly be forwarded to Rojava to support the rebuilding of Free Kobanê after the brave and heroic victory of the People’s defence forces YPG/YPJ against the fundamentalist terror of the „IS“ in January of this year. Order here.


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