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New Fire and Flames Riotwear Winter Collection 2014 now available!


Five clever shirt motives of the brandnew Fire and Flames Riotwear Winter Collection 2014: „Wild Style“, „Falling Empire“, „Bad Kids“, „Revolutionary Sisterhood“ and „Scum of the Earth„! Printed on Continental Clothing Fairtrade Shirts for the very first time. Stop losing time and don‘t wait to order your personal shirt here. YEAH!

Welcome to the Official Fire and Flames Fashion Show !

Follow our daily updates to discover the brandnew Fire and Flames Winter Collection 2014 available within the next days:

#5 „You gotta go out and paint and be called an outlaw at the same time.“ (Lee / The Fabolous Five, in: „Wild Style“ NYC 1983). Back in the dayz – a tribute to the oldschool! This shirt is about where graffiti has started from. A homage to the true hip hop culture – dedicated to all headz who struggle for peace, love and unity. Keep this in mind and resist the rules of this shitty grey‘n’sterile capitalist society. One love – one struggle!

#4 It’s not a secret that the background of Fire and Flames is strongly influenced by the british youth cultures born in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Of course this concerns the modern respectively the casual style too which is why we appreciate the aesthetic value of the old target. Unforntunatly we can‘t deny its origins as a military symbol of an imperialist and capitalist nationstate. Although we definitively respect that the bombs of the Royal Airforce for once hit the right ones back in the 40s we had to make some little modifications to align it with the revolutionary FF policy. We call the beautiful result Falling Empire and perceive it as a call to shut down every empire but the Empire of Freedom (Marx).

#3 Hey stupid, revolution is not just boys‘ fun – quite the contrary! This one is in total support for all those who are forced to stand strong against everydays‘ sexist discrimination, exploitation and violence in a this male dominated patriarchal world. Secondly it’s also for those privileged who try to refuse the patriarchal game, who make a step back from time to time to leave some room for the too often unseen and unheard and support feminist resistance. The term Revolutionary Sisterhood is a call fo the respectful unity of all the same but different struggles for a free live in global equality, justice and solidarity for everyone – a reminder of the clever knowledge that noone is free until everybody are. UNITED AGAINST OPPRESSION – SMASH PATRIARCHY!

#2 „Well you gotta understand, we only do these things because all we are is…“ But who’s bad in fact? This one goes out to the bored and angry young thugs whose future is already wasted by this fucked up system, to the riot kids who won‘t take anymore oppression, to the antifa criminals giving the scum what they deserve, to the street rebels with a cause causing trouble all the way, to all the unteachable old teenagers and everyone else who hasn‘t made his or her peace with this cold and misanthropic society yet. CHEERS TO ALL THE BAD KIDS!

#1 Do you know this modern german dictator who rules Europe with cold capitalist „rationality“, abolishes even the sad relicts of democratic achievements and drives whole peoples into poverty in the name of „no altenative“? We know she’s just a more or less exchangeable face of capitalist brutality, but why leave the ruling hench(wo)men of the system in peace? We hate her and condemn her authoritarian government of this stupid crisis economy and so we think it’s high time to dedicate this scum of the earth a nasty nasty shirt motive of our upcoming winter collection. FUCK YOUR AUSTERITY! RISE UP PEOPLE OF EUROPE! ABOLISH CAPITALISM!


Los Tres Puntos & Big Banders – 2Tone Internationalists beyond Borders 2014

It’s the upcoming long week end that Los Tres Puntos and Big Banders will hit northern germany with a big fat dose of internationalist ska beyond borders. And even better: Your personal service providers of Fire and Flames Riotwear will accompany all the shows! So people from Kiel (11.12.), Oldenburg (12.12.) and Göttingen (13.12.) have the comfortable chance to get their favourite shirt of the new winter collection directly in their hometown. By the way: FF is really looking forward to come back to the past homeland Göttingen, put something up together with comrades of Antifaschistische Linke International and see old mates of Rogue Steady Orchestra once again!

MDB shirts in stock !

Finally also available via Fire and Flames: The worldfamous logo shirt of our partners in crime Moscow Death Brigade!! Go straight here and save your copy of their milestone in circle pit rap „Hoods Up“ 12″/CD too.

Enraged Minority ♥ Fire and Flames Riotwear ♥ YOU !

Great news: We‘ll celebrate the month of red and anarchist friendship in december and it’s the general public who profits: Our generous brothers of fabulous Enraged Minority give away one free copy of their great live split-CD with legendary The Oppressed to every order about 30€ or more in our popular online shop!!!

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