Fuck X-Mas if you want – but don‘t forget our Prisoners!

Christmas and new year’s eve are coming. We don‘t care too much about these yearly rituals and we are free to ignore all this christmas hustle. But for prisoners it’s nearly the hardest time within a year. It’s getting cold and the lots of feast days end up in a melancholic attitude in the jailhouse. Beloved friends and family members are seperated by the grey walls of ignorance of this prison society.

So take a stand and do some jailhouserock! A letter or a postcard seems nothing compared to this brutal system… But to send some varienty behind the walls is a small brick of solidarity everybody can do and it cuts the disconnection and isolation which is forced by the prison system for some minutes.

The prisoners are our dignity and pride! All for one – one for all!

Things you should keep in mind while writing a prisoner:

- don‘t hesitate – just do it :-) !
- the cops / judges will read the letters, so no relevant infos about your political activities
- put a plain enevelope, a sheet of paper and stamps into your letter, so answering is easier for the imprisoned comrade
- if you are up for it, invent a fake surname for the contact, you know that the pigs are very snoopy…

Find out more detailed advices about how to write a prisoner detailed advises at Bristol ABC.

We support Joel:

Joel serves a six year prison sentence for antifascist selfdefense. Find more information at his support group. You can also buy a solidarity shirt in our shop. Write to Joel:

Joel Almgren
522 85 Tidaholm

You find an incomplete list of prisoners here and here.

Freedom for all – destroy the prison society!

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