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Cheers to a revolutionary 2015 !

In the beginning, sometime back in early 2013, there was just this crazy idea and the motivation, not to let a great project starve. Now for the end of 2014 the new generation of Fire and Flames wants to say thank you to everyone who supported us to make this idea come true. We are happy that we made it to bring back the flames to the ember and kept the fire burning. It was an exciting year for everyone in the crew and we are surely not finished yet… Well, all those from near and far who made this possible: You‘ll always be a part of the family, you know who you are!

And now: Cheers to a revolutionary 2015! We‘ve got a lot of things to do – let’s push things forward! Venceremos!

!!! Moved to Friday, January 2nd 2015 !!! Los Fastidios @ Schaubude Kiel

Never trust an event notice of Fire and Flames Music… Because of a fever attack three members of Los Fastidios – officialpage are not fit to travel this weekend. The band unfortunatly has to delay their last gigs of the year into the new one. A blessing in disguise: It’s only five days more that you have to wait for their show at Die Kieler Schaubude originally announced for this sunday. The new date is the next friday, january 2nd, same place same time but with another support which is not hundred per cent yet. Sorry again that it seems to be a matter of sheer impossibility to have a regular FF show without chaos, but that’s life. Get well soon comrades of Los Fastidios and see you next friday!!

We really can‘t await the upcoming local show of the antifascist streepunk legends Los Fastidios from Verona (Italy) next friday, january 2nd at the Schaubude in Kiel. Be part of one of the first live and loud presentations of their brandnew album „Let’s do it“ just released this month. The support will be announced soon, it starts at 8pm and of course this night is presented by Fire and Flames Music. LET‘S DO IT!

New stuff of the last weeks

Hurry up with your last orders before the holidays and reclaim the socialist meaning of this old bearded red comrade doing good things to the humankind every year from the church and the lemonade industry by giving away revolutionary FF products!

+++ 5MDR – La Prospettiva del Conflitto CD +++ Absturtz – Alles wird gut LP +++ Antifaschistisches Info Blatt #105 (Winter 2014) +++ Auld Corn Brigade – Our Flag 10″ +++ „Bad Kids“ Shirt +++ Big Banders – Dead Right LP +++ Death Or Glory – Can‘t stop me LP + CD +++ Detectors, The – Deny CD +++ „Falling Empire“ Shirt +++ Feccia Rossa – Lotta per la tua Vita CD +++ Glory Point / Nacidos del Odio – Oi! It’s a world invasion Vol. 1 Split CD +++ Heaven Sucks – 1 MCD +++ Highschool Nightmare – Die !!! LP +++ Moscow Death Brigade Logo Shirt +++ Los Tres Puntos – Contre vents et marées MLP +++ Los Tres Puntos – Hasta la Muerte LP +++ Neck – Here’s mud in yer eye CD +++ My Terror – Take back your life LP +++ Rolando Random & the Young Soul Rebels – Fistful of Courage CD +++ Primates, The – Control Salvaje EP +++ Plastic Bomb #87 (Fall 2014) +++ Protestera – Rock‘n'Riot LP +++ Puntas De Acero – Decada de Decadencia LP +++ „Revolutionary Sisterhood“ Shirt +++ „Scum of the Earth“ Shirt +++ Senza Frontiere / Feccia Rossa – Split EP +++ Stumbling Pins – Patch +++ Tildin / The Pauki – Split EP +++ Tulamort – s/t CD +++ Trouz an Noz – Chome Taï ! CD +++ Uprising, the – Down we go EP +++ Wasted Youth – Knights of the Oppressed CD +++ „Wild Style“ Shirt +++ Ya Basta – La Lucha Sigue DVD +++ Zustände – Irgendwas läuft falsch EP +++ Go here!

The Official Fire and Flames Cinema #1

Watch some impressions of how the citizen friendly Fire and Flames Riotwear Streetteam works hard to promote our brandnew winter collection 2014. Thanks to our brothers of Moscow Death Brigade for providing the adequate soundtrack. Check out the new stuff here.

Fuck X-Mas if you want – but don‘t forget our Prisoners!

Christmas and new year’s eve are coming. We don‘t care too much about these yearly rituals and we are free to ignore all this christmas hustle. But for prisoners it’s nearly the hardest time within a year. It’s getting cold and the lots of feast days end up in a melancholic attitude in the jailhouse. Beloved friends and family members are seperated by the grey walls of ignorance of this prison society.

So take a stand and do some jailhouserock! A letter or a postcard seems nothing compared to this brutal system… But to send some varienty behind the walls is a small brick of solidarity everybody can do and it cuts the disconnection and isolation which is forced by the prison system for some minutes.

The prisoners are our dignity and pride! All for one – one for all!

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