Well dressed for the summer

In the last weeks we listed a blast of new clothes in our shop: As we already told you we now have the much loved HATE GERMANY shirt available in all sizes and varieties again as well as ANTIFASCIST ALWAYS shirts and the SUN, SEA, SOCIALISM motive in black on black and bordeaux. Again the MOB is back in black in all sizes but also gets dressed for summer in a shiny blue this time. Finally we also put up the hot shirts of our comrades FIRESTARTERS Copenhagen. And since we‘ve been to Paris this month we didn‘t just take some great music but also a wicked (and limited) ANTIFA PARIS shirt. And last but not least we shouldn‘t conceal at this point what everbody should know already anyway: There’s also a choice of the best motives of TRUE REBEL STREETWEAR available via FF since weeks. Phew – that’s it for the moment, check our online-shop!

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