„I‘ll be your friend until the end of time!“

Well, Jeunesse Apatride have probably been the band accompaniing Fire and Flames as close as no other from the beginning, as there have been two european tours, three album-releases and first of all a strong political and cultural analogy in the past years. That’s why we‘re really sad since we heard that they‘ll split up. This friday they‘ll play their final show, of course in the streets of their hometown Montréal. We expect a blast, so don‘t miss it, if you‘re on the other side of the ocean. We shamefully will, what makes it even harder.

But there’s also some good news: Jeunesse Apatride won‘t leave us without a testament and their again brilliant farewell album „Jusqu‘au bout“ was came this month. This time Sabotage Musique, Redstar73 Records and Mad Butcher Records did the good job, but of course you can get your copy on vinyl or cd beside the old releases in our shop too.

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