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A Flaming Star Burns Out / New Fire and Flames Site Coming Soon! / Discount Action / Various

As usual, for those with short attention spans, the summary below:

1* A Flaming Star Burns Out: Flaming Star Goettingen Closing 12.11
2*New Fire and Flames Website Coming in the Next Few Weeks / Huge Discount Action
3* Off Topic: Antifa Kalender, Fire and Flames News, New Stores in Hamburg and Geneva


All good things must come to an end…or at least this one must.

Sadly, we have to inform you of the closing of our most favorite shop…Flaming Star in Goettingen. We were proud to be a part of this collective project, and of our role in helping to give it shape, form, content, and style. We are also extremely thankful to the group of people who either as part of the collective structure or just by showing up to hang out, helped carry it for these 18 months and fill it with life. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons the challenge of holding a physical space of that size in the middle of Goettingens inner city, was too much, and as of November 12th the store will be closing.

Unfortunate as that may be, for those of you around Goettingen, it does present an opportunity to pick up things you might be interested in from all the labels the store carried at very discounted prices. You have until November 11th.

If you never had a chance to visit the place, this is what you missed:


To temper the bad news, some good…after what feels like decades of work and suffering (and over the next few weeks will only be getting much worse before it gets better)… THE NEW FIRE AND FLAMES WEBSITE IS ALMOST READY, and should be online before the end of the month.
We will let the page speak for itself when you see it, but trust us, it is VERY different and improved, and thats all we will say about that for now.

But, since it is a huge amount of work to move everything over, we are selling a lot of items which we will not be re-stocking, or where the label has shut down (RIP Uptight Barcelona), of which there are only a few left, etc. so as to minimize how much we have to enter into the new page. This means big discounts on…

-All Catarrhini shirts.
-Most Uptight 65 shirts.
-Quite a few Fire and Flames designs.
-Obrint Pas shirts and some Partisano designs.

To see the discounts, just click here and select „Search By: Brands“ and „Raeumungsverkauf / Sale“ category.


-Yes, the new Antifa Kalender / agenda has arrived.

-Yes, there will finally be a new Fire and Flames Spring collection this coming year…we are already working on giving over 10 concepts form.

-Yes, there will be a „Hate the State Volume 3″ next year.

-Yes, we do realize that next year will mark 10 years of Fire and Flames, and yes, we do plan to hopefully celebrate it with an outrageous 10 Years of Fire and Flames festival.

-Sad as the loss of Flaming Star might be, if you are in Hamburg we suggest the recently opened „Black Ferry“, and in Geneva as of the 10th of November, „La Brick“. Both of these you can find on Facebook, and both of these well stocked with Fire and Flames. Black Ferry we have already introduced you to, here are some first images of La Brick in Geneva…

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