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The Agenda to Organize Our Discontent (Antifa Kalender 2013) and the Coffee to Finance It

We allow ourselves this short interruption from this phase of intensely not posting anything to the blog, to let you know about the 2013 edition of the classic Antifa Kalender / organizer / agenda. Its a classic of classics, so not much introduction necessary, but if you do need to know more, please click on the image…

Different, but similar is the soli / benefit filter coffee. Produced by two collectives in Central America, and with all proceeds going to benefit different projects in the city of Hamburg.

And in case you are wondering why the blog has been so quiet, despite uprest, repression, football games, and mobilizations going on seemingly everywhere? We are working like crazy people on the new and incredible Fire and Flames site. The bright side is that it is like the difference between a horse drawn carriage and a space ship. The down side is that, much like learning to drive a space ship, this is a project that might take the rest of our lives to master and finish. But hopefully, we will somehow magically manage to be ready sometime in November.

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