Greece: Golden Dawn MP Attacks Syriza and KKE Reps. on Live TV / Fascists Beat Israeli Journalist

This morning, Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two left-wing MPs (one from SYRIZA, the „Coalition of the Radical Left“ and the other from KKE, the „Communist Party of Greece.“ In the video below, he can be seen throwing water at the SYRIZA MP, before slapping the representative of KKE repeatedly, before the cameras are turned off.

An warrant for his arrest was issued promptly after the incident. Latest reports indicate that he is currently taking refuge in the Golden Dawn headquarters, along with quite a few supporters. Police are currently either unable or unwilling to raid the building, which is not particularly surprising considering that one in two police officers voted for the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in the most recent elections.

One could wonder what the left was doing in a debate with this specimen, although it is true that in this particular case his actions will very likely reflect negatively on Golden Dawns showing in the coming elections. One would also assume though, that knowing the character of this person and his party, the SYRIZA and KKE MPs were accompanied by party security, which hopefully intervened quickly.

Finally, for all the false moralists out there: Antifascist violence is a necessity, precisely because fascism/fascists are a danger to *all* who do not fit in their world view. This is not two extremes fighting each other, it is an example of the real physical dangers posed by fascists and the essential nature of antifascist struggle.

In case a clear illustration is needed, just two days ago, a mob attacked a reporter of the Jerusalem Post who was filming a group of masked men who were attacking migrants and homeless people.

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