Meet Greece’s Golden Dawn

As is by now well known, Golden Dawn has recently entered the Greek Parliament, obtaining almost 7% of the vote. They are commonly being referred to in the press as „far right“ or „nationalist,“ which is quite the understatement when it comes to this group, as they differ in every way, from content to strategy to demographic, from the „established“ reactionaries like Frances Front National. For those of us who have had the displeasure of „knowing“ these people for many years, it is almost unimagineable that this glorified group of boneheads, hooligans, and Nazi nostalgics will now be sending 21 representatives to Parliament. This is a group which makes the NPD look moderate by comparison.

Golden Dawns leader, with Sieg Heiling, Celtic cross carrying party militants

Any revolutionary (or pre-revolutionary) period is marked by a polarization of society, so it is not surprising that with the growth of antagonistic movements, be they anarchist or some which fall within the parliamentary spectrum, also comes a growth of the far right. But without falling into the mainstream media trap of constantly hyping the growth of the far right, while underplaying the equal or greater parallel growth of left-wing organizations, it is definitely something worth analyzing that what is basically a party of young Neo-Nazis, who Sieg Heil and are racial in their orientation as opposed to national, has been voted for by 7% of the population of a Western European country.

The decor at a Golden Dawn party office.

So on that note, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few videos by way of presentation must be priceless. Meet Golden Dawn…

A short, and recent, piece from the New York Times, including short interviews and demonstration footage…

2011, Golden Dawn led anti-immigrant pogrom in downtown Athens. Notice the use of knives and screwdrivers, and the intimidation of a mother with a small child in arms.

Demonstration footage set to the organizations anthem. Notice the German Nazi flags, the celtic crosses, the paramilitary appearance, and even the masked demonstrators.

The quasi-Swastika, White Power lyrics, and Bonehead music…

On a brighter note, a few weeks ago, antifascists exposed a journalist who lent his show as a platform for the Nazis, by pelting him with yoghurt on live television…

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