Assorted Nr. 32: Golden Dawn in Greece, Nazis in Eichsfeld, No te Va a Gustar Against Domestic Violence, Argentina vs The EU

*In case you missed the chance to look at Cops and Nazis on Saturday in Eichsfeld, you can look at them here below. Absolute highlight…Nazis standing in the rain. At least the terrible weather was good for something!

*Speaking of cops and Nazis, here is an interesting article about the growth of Greeces „Golden Dawn“ fascists from The Independent.

„It started, as many days do in Greece, with a trip to the kiosk to buy cigarettes. Still half-asleep, Panayiotis Roumeliotis was surprised to be asked to show his identity card by two young men with shaved heads. It was his first direct contact with the vigilante groups that have become a feature of everyday life in some areas of the Greek capital.

„They were calling themselves the residents association but they were just fasistakia (little fascists),“ said the 28-year-old“.

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You can read a similar, also interesting, article in French, from Le Monde, here.

A frightening picture…

*Speaking of nationalism, Argentinas „National and Popular“ government, after expropriating YPF (the national oil company) and giving Spanish investors a heart attack, is now pouring it on with some easy nationalist rhetoric regarding the Islas Malvinas (which you first worlders might know of as „Falkland Islands“). The video below, which has created a bit of an international incident, features an Argentine athlete training for the coming London Olympics on the Malvinas. The text at the end reads „To compete on British soil, we train on Argentine land.“ Yes, its cheap, but it still draws a smile.

*No Te Va Gustar, excellent Latin Ska band from Uruguay who we had the pleasure of organizing a show with last June, has lent one of their songs to a campaign against domestic violence. The song was and is good, and the cause is even better. Here is the video…

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