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Antifascism „Here“ and „There“: Anti Nazi Mobilizations Hamburg / Greece

Important anti-fascist mobilizations are taking place in Hamburg, and in several cities around Greece this weekend.

Best. Poster. Ever. Hamburg people: We need one. Or one hundred.

The „happening“ of the weekend over „here“ is of course the anti-Nazi activities in Hamburg, where Nazis will attempt to hold a demonstration under the title „Day of the German Future.“ Thousands of dedicated antifascists will, as in the past, be doing their best against what will probably be a sad bunch of fascists, and a horde of police officers trying to clear them a path.

For those of you who will be there this weekend, you will find most of what you need to know at the mobilization blog, such as a map of the city, time and place of antifascist meeting points, legal info and numbers, Nazi route, and so on and so forth.

A couple of videos, to set the mood…


Over in Greece, fascists and neo-Nazis, clearly emboldened by their most recent election results, have apparently gone on a militant offensive, aimed mainly at the immigrant population. Reports of attacks are unforunately numerous. In Athens, two immigrants were stabbed on the subway this week, while yet another was stabbed outside the School of Economics. The attackers did not escape unscathed, as their car illustrates…

Meanwhile, in Patras, hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters laid seige to an abandonded factory which was/is being used by immigrants as a shelter…

As is to be expected, antifascist resistance is swiftly taking form. Recently, a right wing politician was attacked in Athens, and even a Golden Dawn parlamentarian in Volos. In Athens, an antifascist demonstration was organized by anarchists and immigrants, which drew over 1.000 people…

Further demonstrations have been called for this weekend, for example in Corfu and Athens.

PS A note on safety for all of you „on the streets“…. Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they arent watching you.

PPS Friends take a group picture in Hamburg. These are probably people of sound politics, and their sense of style is impeccable. Notice please the Fire and Flames „Retro“ jacket worn by the comrade holding the flag! :-)

This Weekend: Flaming Star Anniversary Party, Fight Back Festival, Smiley Benefit Show, Antira Cup Hamburg, …..

There is just too much going on this weekend, and too little time. From the First Anniversary Birthday party of the great and glorious „Flaming Star,“ to the 5th edition of the Fight Back festival in Nuernberg (with a demonstration before in solidarity with the imprisoned Deniz), to a benefit show for Smiley in Berlin with Opcio K-95, to the Antira Football tournament in Hamburg (also with Opcio K-95), to a concert (Militante Pazifisten and Contra Real) and mobilization meeting in Goettingen against the coming Nazi demonstration in Hamburg, to the Maloka festival in Dijon….

We begin close to „home,“ and at the event where most of Fire and Flames and friends will be…

The rest of us, will be making the yearly trip to Nuernberg, where we will be holding a table, here…

More importantly, before the festival, there will be a demonstration in solidarity with Deniz, who has been imprisoned now for over a month after being arrested at an antifascist demonstration, accused of „attempted manslaughter“ for allegedly hitting a police officer with a flagpole at a previous demonstration in Nuernberg some weeks before.

Speaking of imprisoned antifascists…

And speaking of Opcio K-95, they will be playing the next day in Hamburg at the Antira Football Tournament concert…

Tonight, and back in Goettingen….

Last but certainly not least, is Malokas yearly festival in Dijon. Organized by good people, and this year with an excellent lineup. We were there last year, and are very frustrated not to be able to make it this year. Have a look at the lineup here.

Chile: Mauricio Morales Unforgotten!

Today marks three years since the death in combat of Mauricio Morales. He will remain forever unforgotten, and lives in the struggle.

“My good friend, if getting away from this war meant that we would remain ageless and immortal I would also stay behind. But a thousand deaths are hanging over our heads; we cannot avoid them or run away. So Lets Go Then….”

„Honor Always to Anarchist Revolutionary Mauricio Morales“

The Great Catalogue Update Part 7: 20 New Sticker Designs

Continuing with the theme of „filling the streets with the sights and sounds of revolution,“ and with the co-operation of our friends over at Black Mosquito, we have just doubled the variety of stickers available on Fire and Flames. Below is just a random sampling of some of the new designs, you can of course see them all by clicking here.

The Great Catalogue Update Part 6: New Mob Action Shirts and Partisano Restocks

The Great and Glorious Catalogue Update marches on, still far from finished. However, the new Mob Action shirts and Partisano restocks do at least mark the last update as far as the clothing catalogue goes! As far as the new Mob Action designs are concerned, they are pictured here below, and you can see closeups of them by clicking on the respective image. Besides these, the classic „Mask“ design is again available in all sizes, and we have added the jacket „Action.“

As far as Partisanowear is concerned, no new designs, but many much loved classics are now available again in all sizes, such as: „Stop Control,“ „Read Books – Fight Fascism,“ „Sud,“ „Rebel and Antira,“ „Independencia,“ and „Working Class.“ Not only this, but we also have the Obrint Pas shirts again, and possibly more importantly, Obrint Pas’s latest CD, „Coratje“ which we had sold out of a couple of months ago, is available again as well.

That said, on to the new Mob Action designs…

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