Freedom for Smily!

„On the 8Th Of Fe­bru­ary Smily (bas­sist of Pro­du­zen­ten der Fro­ide) was ar­rested by an ex­ces­si­ve po­li­ce ope­ra­ti­on with the SEK (Spe­cial Forces of the Ger­man po­li­ce – com­pa­ra­ble to SWAT). He was then taken into re­mand. He was ac­cu­sed of threa­te­ning wit­nes­ses, who could pro­se­cu­te him, on Face­book to prevent them from testi­fy­ing in court. On the 17TH of Fe­bru­ary the law suit against Smily was ne­go­tia­ted. He was char­ged be­cau­se of In­sult, da­ma­ge to pro­per­ty and bo­di­ly harm.
What the state didn’t want to see: A few of the right-​wing „wit­nes­ses“ com­po­sed an un­be­lieva­ble awk­ward and em­bar­ras­sing flyer. In the con­text of the flyer Smily was de­pic­ted as open to right-​wing pro­pa­gan­da or ra­ther as a right-​wing ex­tre­mist. This Flyer was open­ly di­stri­bu­ted on grey­zo­ne-​shows in the re­gi­on of Stutt­gart! In Ad­di­ti­on Smily had to de­fend him­s­elf against other pro­vo­ca­ti­ons in pu­blic by this peop­le. The Sen­tence: 10 Months in Jail wi­thout Pro­ba­ti­on for an in­sult, a da­ma­ged base drum and a swol­len cheek of one of the wit­nes­ses.
The right-​wing scum was even col­la­bo­ra­ting with the state se­cu­ri­ty. Even though there was no real evi­dence for the thre­at, that Smily was ac­cu­sed of, he was ar­rested be­cau­se of „dan­ger of sup­pres­si­on of evi­dence“.
To sup­port Smily and to show our po­si­ti­on against any kind of right-​wing or grey­zo­ne ac­tivi­ty wi­t­hin our scene you can now down­load the Pro­du­zen­ten der Fro­ide Songs „Hey Ka­me­ra­mann“ and „Ich scheiß auf euren Oi“ from Mad­ But­cher as so­li­da­ri­ty offer.
The money collec­ted by that goes straight to Smily to pay off the costs of li­ti­ga­ti­on.
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