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New Stickers…

Exactly that, new stickers with which to beautify your surroundings…

Freedom for Smily!

„On the 8Th Of Fe­bru­ary Smily (bas­sist of Pro­du­zen­ten der Fro­ide) was ar­rested by an ex­ces­si­ve po­li­ce ope­ra­ti­on with the SEK (Spe­cial Forces of the Ger­man po­li­ce – com­pa­ra­ble to SWAT). He was then taken into re­mand. He was ac­cu­sed of threa­te­ning wit­nes­ses, who could pro­se­cu­te him, on Face­book to prevent them from testi­fy­ing in court. On the 17TH of Fe­bru­ary the law suit against Smily was ne­go­tia­ted. He was char­ged be­cau­se of In­sult, da­ma­ge to pro­per­ty and bo­di­ly harm.
What the state didn’t want to see: A few of the right-​wing „wit­nes­ses“ com­po­sed an un­be­lieva­ble awk­ward and em­bar­ras­sing flyer. In the con­text of the flyer Smily was de­pic­ted as open to right-​wing pro­pa­gan­da or ra­ther as a right-​wing ex­tre­mist. This Flyer was open­ly di­stri­bu­ted on grey­zo­ne-​shows in the re­gi­on of Stutt­gart! In Ad­di­ti­on Smily had to de­fend him­s­elf against other pro­vo­ca­ti­ons in pu­blic by this peop­le. The Sen­tence: 10 Months in Jail wi­thout Pro­ba­ti­on for an in­sult, a da­ma­ged base drum and a swol­len cheek of one of the wit­nes­ses.
The right-​wing scum was even col­la­bo­ra­ting with the state se­cu­ri­ty. Even though there was no real evi­dence for the thre­at, that Smily was ac­cu­sed of, he was ar­rested be­cau­se of „dan­ger of sup­pres­si­on of evi­dence“.
To sup­port Smily and to show our po­si­ti­on against any kind of right-​wing or grey­zo­ne ac­tivi­ty wi­t­hin our scene you can now down­load the Pro­du­zen­ten der Fro­ide Songs „Hey Ka­me­ra­mann“ and „Ich scheiß auf euren Oi“ from Mad­ But­cher as so­li­da­ri­ty offer.
The money collec­ted by that goes straight to Smily to pay off the costs of li­ti­ga­ti­on.
In this spi­rit:

First Notice: Riot in My Heart Festival Rostock!


International Solidarity: Arizona Antifascist Facing Possible Prison Sentence

„Saturday, November 13th, 2010 the National Socialist Movement gathered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, as a part of their humorously titled “Reclaim the Southwest 2” tour. The NSM consider themselves to be on the forefront of the push toward more draconian, discriminatory, and racist laws, and increased militarization on the southern border. This is the context for anti-fascist action in Arizona. Anarchists resisted and some now face intense state repression.

Militant antifascists standing up to the National Socialist Movement

Dane Rossman, of Tucson, AZ, is in need of urgent support in the face of multiple felony charges stemming from the riot which occurred on that day. In a worst case scenario, Dane could be looking at over 20 years in prison. He is charged with 6 counts of aggravated assault and 1 count of rioting.

As of right now, Dane is out on bail and attending scheduled court dates until trial in May. No plea offer has been made so far and it remains difficult to tell how aggressively the state is pursuing the charges. Dane and his supporters are currently attempting to obtain private counsel and strongly feel that this could be the best route for things to work out as well as possible for Dane – that is, to keep Dane out of prison.

Please help out Dane in any way you can, financially or otherwise, and forward this information to anyone interested in the ongoing struggles against white supremacy and fascism.“

More information available at Arizona Antifa Defense

Banda Bassotti: Classics On Vinyl / New Release „Siamo Guerriglia“

A few exciting additions this week to the music catalogue, all of them from the band that has stood the test of time…Banda Bassotti.

Their new album, „Siamo Guerriglia“ is being released on CD this week, and is available for discounted pre-order immediately. This is interesting enough, but even more exciting is that what are in our opinion the two greatest and most classic albums of the band are finally being re-released on vinyl. These are of course their debut album „Figli della Stessa Rabbia“ and „Avanzo de Cantiere.“

All three are available as of today and for one week as discounted pre-orders, and will be shipped as of 19.3.

In our humble opinion „Figli…“ is a great album, and „Avanzo de Cantiere“ is simply one of the top 5 all time greatest albums of the Redskin scene. It was formative to the cultural scene that was to come, and as all true classic albums do…it stands the test of time. Sure, sometimes you hear it more, sometimes less, and sometimes not at all, but you will never get tired of it or reject it. Few releases can do that. This is an exclusive category, shared with albums such as „Kick Over the Statues“ (The Redskins), „Mai Morirem“ (Opcio K-95), the original Brigada Flores Magon album, and a few select others.

The music, the inspiring lyrics, simply an all time classic.

Highlights (if we can call them that, since there really isnt a poor song on this release)…

Luna Rossa…

Avanzo de Cantiere, live in Rome…

Potere al Popolo…

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