Greece: „What Does the State Need the Cops For, When it Has the Stalinist Youth?!“

My dislike for the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) and its youth wing KNE/“KNAT“, I already made clear when the SDAJ Göttingen invited them last year to talk about „Crisis and Struggle in Greece,“ which is akin to having a snail give a speech about life in the fast lane.

Facing away from the Cops, towards other demonstrators

Despite all the previous negative experiences with them (quite a few of them first hand, living in Greece and during the uprising of December 2008), I have to admit to still holding a bit of naive hope that, in this time of generalized discontent and resistance, they would finally throw their considerable weight on the side of revolution (or at the very least on the side of „the people“), and maybe not act as the States Fifth Column inside the resistance movement.

The KNAT protects the parliament, the Cops watch their backs…

How wrong this hope was could not have been demonstrated any more clearly than on the second day of last weeks General Strike. Faced with demonstrations of an unprecedented size, a huge wave of anger that threatened to roll out of control, and masses of people ready to attack the police protecting Parliament and the politicians inside… the KKE, and more particularly the KNAT, mounted a human barrier around parliament and armed with helmets and batons attacked anybody who tried to attack the Parliament. They did this in co-ordination with the cops, even mounting joint attacks against anarchists and anti-authoritarians together with the cops.
(It should also be noted that, for somewhat over 10 years, the KKE/KNAT/PAME have almost always organized their own demonstrations, away from all other sectors of the left-wing or anarchist movement. We can only imagine why they chose to break with that line at this particular moment in history).

Bad enough, and the sight of people waving red flags behaving in such a manner is already disgraceful and painful enough, but they even went a step further. One of their own died that day, and his death has been undeniably shown through the official medical report to be the result of the polices massive use of chemical weapons against demonstrators. But since the truth needs to be subservient to their interests…they released a press release claiming this death resulted at the hands of anarchists, who they referred to as „anarcho-fascists.“

For further reading, here is a text from the Peoples Assembly of Syntagma on the subject.

Again, this is not about anti-communism or „red baiting,“ or sectarianism, or what have you. But the facts, pictures, videos, and acts speak for themselves. Whatever side these people are on, is definitely not ours.

The KNAT and the Cops, old friends…

7 Antworten auf „Greece: „What Does the State Need the Cops For, When it Has the Stalinist Youth?!““

  1. 1 db0 26. Oktober 2011 um 15:00 Uhr

    „KNAT“? Do you mean „KNE“ which stands for Κομμουνιστική Νεολέα Ελλάδας (Communist Youth of Greece)?

  2. 2 Administrator 26. Oktober 2011 um 20:00 Uhr

    Oops…I got so used to the insult form (KNE + MAT= KNAT), that I didnt even realize I was using it all the time. :-)

  3. 3 anarchist victim of commie propaganda 26. Oktober 2011 um 21:02 Uhr

    From most of the footage i can‘t find enough young people to say KNAT, also the 1st molotov is hitting people in their back and what about molotovs against people? To stop stalinist violence?
    The pics KKE put into internet show plain clothed police being involved and it looks like some of these dudes are the same like elder pics show them beside uniformed cops.
    I suggest to relax and just watch every picture, sorry that they were published by KKE but the last ones are from indymedia :

  4. 4 Administrator 28. Oktober 2011 um 11:38 Uhr

    I dont have the time or energy to give this too much of an answer. And anyways with all due respect, I dont really think it deserves much of one either.

    I lived in Athens for 5 years, and anybody involved in social movements there knows perfectly well the role of the KKE/KNE. If the problem was less bad over the last 10 or so years, it is only because they had been keeping their distance from other social actors.

    And yes, if you place yourself strategically as a defensive barrier between the Parliament and tens of thousands of angry people, at a time like this and during a general strike, chances are you will be attacked, and rightly so. Never did I say here that anarchists or other people were the poor victims of the big bad KKE/KNE. What I denounced was their role in the events of the day, the enormous favor they have again done for the Greek state, and their clear character as a counter-revolutionary element in Greek society.

  5. 5 asd 30. Januar 2012 um 18:41 Uhr

    ‚I dont have the time or energy to give this too much of an answer. And anyways with all due respect, I dont really think it deserves much of one either.‘

    It doesnt seem that you had any time or energy neither before you write this article sir, because it seems to me that you got a lot of your facts wrong… I am sure thats the reason and that you are not misinforming people on purpose here.


  6. 6 Administrator 04. Februar 2012 um 2:25 Uhr

    Facts wrong. Such as?

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