Some Thoughts on the „Occupy…“ Phenomenon

Not necessarily our own, but here are some thoughts from some people who have had the time and peace of mind to articulate some of what one might want to say.

Very briefly summarized though: It needs to step away from the very damaging anti-political stance (explained very well in the WSM article) and develop at least a minimal coherence. They also should do well to examine the socioeconomic makeup of their participants and think about if a group of overwhelmingly white middle/upper class white people should be calling themselves „99%“ of society. And of course, as long as it remains basically a prolonged campout, it will never be nearly as interesting as what is happening in Greece, where the state faces resistance from a broad spectrum of social groups and organizing forms, from the „indignants/occupy“ to labor action, to marginalized sectors of society. Not to mention of course the very important and in the occupy „movement“ completely absent industrial and workplace action in the form of strikes. In that regard, you can see that again very interesting things have been happening the last few days in Greece by way of strikes and occupations. Tomorrow begins the next general strike…it should be a very interesting week.

This should of course not at all mean that the „Occupy“ phenomenon is to be written off. Anytime people organize and take to the streets to express their discontent with the status quo is at the very least positive in that it represents an opportunity to engage with people and hopefully move the „movement“ in a more radical direction.

Some interesting suggested reading…

-Politics averted: thoughts on the ‚Occupy X‘ movement: Written by the anarcho-communist Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland). Highly suggested!

-Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists
: Short, concise, and to the point letter from the Crimethinc collective to the „Occupy“ movement.

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