Greece: General Strike, October 5th

Default at Last!
In order to build from scratch a society of freedom and prosperity for all!

General non-stop Strike! Everyone on the Streets!

Two years now you hypnotize people with the tale about the bankruptcy of the state. This beautifully molded story, succeeded in short time to squandered achievements coming after several centuries of sacrifices and struggle of working people.

Let them therefore to defualt to see what happens! Let their banks to shut down, let their factories to close down, let their universities to close, let the troops to dispel, let them go to the pits of history.

We’re here to get back what was stolen from us!

We, through the encounter with our fellow people will be able to put in motion this world anew for the benefit of everyone as we always have done. We may not have their own organization, but we will manage to survive like we survived after so many wars and disasters they dragged us in their seek for money and power.

Because we do not want to live at the expense of others.
Because we want to co-decide instead of ordering people.
Because we want knowledge to be diffused to everyone for the benefit of all and not for that of just a few.
Because we can live in harmony with nature without destroying everything on our way.

We are here to see the collapse of the rotten system and we will do all we can in order to see this happening earlier. To build from scratch a society of freedom, humanity and prosperity for all!

(via: Occupied London)

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