Göttingen: Police Prevent Antifascist Demonstration in Northeim, Surround Houses on Rote Strasse

This was the view from the windows of the Rote Strasse at ca. 15:00 today (unsurprisingly, a picture in the other direction of the street looked quite similar). Over the last minutes the police presence in front of the houses has diminished, but there is still concern that they may try to enter. NOTE: Unconfirmed, unlikely…so please no panic. But the possibility exists.

Today marked a further step in the police enabled establishment of „national liberated zones,“ as not only were thousands of robocops bussed into Northeim and Göttingen to allow for an undisturbed regional congress of the NPD, they even went so far as to stop hundreds of demonstrators who travelled by train from Göttingen to Northeim from exiting Northeim train station. The prretext: every single individual demonstrator should be controlled! The ensuing conflicts resulted in several injuries, as well as several arrests.

After several hours at Northeim train station, the demonstrators decided to return to Göttingen for a demonstration in the city, which was again confronted with hundreds of police officers, and finally an encirclement of the demonstration in front of the houses of the Rote Strasse.

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