Taking a Break from the Madness, New Literature: Classics from Bakunin, Proudhon, Makhno, Kropotkin, etc. / WW2 Resistance Memoirs / Others…

Just when we thought we had enough of our hands with the 1st of May, the new collections, the new shop, the solidarity concerts and the who knows how many other projects we have running parallel to each other, comes a little more in the form of a delivery of books from the great and glorious AK Press.

Six new titles, as well as several re-stocks. Classics, WW2 resistance memoirs, Crimethinc texts, make the bulk of this series. As usual, clickify on the picture to read further infos about each one.

„the „passion for destruction“ is a call to build a new world free of oppression, not a cult of violence. He argues that anarchism is a philosophy of morality and solidarity, based not on wishful thinking or naïve beliefs about the goodness of humanity but on a practical, radical critique of wealth and power.“

He wrote that „Property is Theft,“ but he also wrote a whole hell of a lot of less known stuff as well, it probably wouldnt hurt you to read about it.

Two terribly painfully strong and inspiring memoirs of armed Jewish resistance to the Nazis during World War 2. Highly, highly suggested reading.

Finally, the re-stocks include „Anarchist Morality“ by Peter Kropotkin, a collection of essays by Nestor Makhno, Partisanas, as well as „Days of War, Nights of Love“ from Crimethinc.

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