Göttingen, 2.6 / 4.6: Antifa Solikonzerte: Movement, Talco, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, No Te Va Gustar, …..

Niedersachsens „most significant left-wing extremist concert organizer“ (for the second year in a row, says the Verfassungschutz!) Fire and Flames presents you two evenings of musically diverse entertainment, and all for the good cause of supporting those faced with state repression in the aftermath of some very successful anti-Nazi activities of the recent months.

This is also why we took the very mature decision of not organizing a concert on the night of the 3rd, so that you can all get a good nights rest before heading to Braunschweig and handing the Nazis their next fiasco. After that, we again celebrate in Göttingen!

For those you planning on coming from other cities, we strongly suggest making use of the online „Vorverkauf“ option, which you can find here. All other informations regarding the concert you can see on the flyer image.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Thursday, June 2nd
Faithful to the Fire and Flames style, a night as international and musically eclectic as ca be. Starting with up and coming Göttingen punk band MILITANTE PAZIFISTEN, followed by catchy anarchist punkrock from Western „Canada“ from THE REBEL SPELL, continuing with Latin ska and reggae from Uruguayas NO TE VA GUSTAR, to end with power pop played by Copenhagens THE MOVEMENT.

The Movement
, Socialist Power Pop, excellent Mod band from Copenhagen

No Te Va Gustar, Latin SkaReggaePunk from Uruguay.
We are terribly excited about this band. They fill arenas with thousands in South America, and we count ourselves very lucky to have them in Göttingen! Here they are, playing live in Cuba:

The Rebel Spell, New addition to the Fire and Flames Music family, and visiting Göttingen as part of their first European tour presenting „A Beautiful Future.“ A must see!

Militante Pazifisten
, Engaged young Punkrock from Göttingen, sadly as far as we know with no video.

Saturday, June 4th

Talco, Needs almost no introduction, one of the finest political skapunk bands around, from Marghera (Italy).

Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Future Legends of Skapunk, from Rostock

Wasted Youth, Antifascist Streetpunk from Schwäbisch Gmund and the most recent addition to the Fire and Flames family. They will be preseting their new 7″ „Remembering Means Fighting.“

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