Assorted Nr. 31: MakSS Damage Hip-Hop Nazi, Solidarity with Thessaloniki 4 and A. Paredes, Revolt in Egypt, Fight Back Vol. 4, etc.

Were back. Its been unusually quiet here lately, thanks to a spectacular mix of post-DNA drama burnout, the office computer (finally!) dying and us being too poor to afford a new one, Dresden related ├╝berforderung, personal lives too „spannend,“ and so on and so forth. In that time, a lot has happened which we actually found quite important, interesting, inspiring, and so forth. Tons of developments regarding the anarchist resistance in Greece, the accquital (again!) of the Thessaloniki 4, the eviction of Liebig 14 and the actions around it, the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, several support worthy events, and the list goes on and on. But, there is no use in trying to play catch-up Indymedia here, so here is another wildly, wildly, randomly and assortedly mixed „Assorted,“ covering basically all the subjects known to humanity: politics, futbol, and music…

*In some cases, although the actual date is passed, as a matter of principle we would like to express our support and/or solidarity by drawing making mention of them:

This comrade, accused of murder because of defending his life against a fascist attack and currently in prison, recently had a court date, the result of which is still unknown to us. We wish him all the best. You can read a thorough article, in German, about his situation by clicking on the image above.

*More positive and definitely worth mentioning is that the Thessaloniki 4 have again been declared „not guilty.“ The 4 were arrested during the protests against the EU summit in Thessaloniki in 2002, and their case, long jail period, and frame up through the police were widely reported upon news following the surfacing of video showing cops planting a backpack full of molotovs on arrested Simon Chapman. They were found „not guilty“ several years ago, but the Greek state decided recently to give it another go. Some nostalgia:

The case:

The day of:

While on the subject of Greece, there is a loooooooong serious of developments taking place there regarding the anarchist movement. Some of them very inspiring, others worrying, but certainly worth taking a longer look at, and drawing one or another lesson from. Sadly, time constraints keep making us postpone a more serious post on the subject.

*This very likely spectacular party (:-)) is also behind us, and it included a Fire and Flames tombola, so we assume it as a smashing success and quite a few people left it very happy!

*The last few weeks in the local village life have also not been without the one or another noteworthy happening. For example that on the day of the Liebig 14 eviction, there was also a spontaneous demonstration in G├Âttingen. Despite a massive police presence in the city, clearly with the aim of preventing a situation like the one the week before, approximately 100 people managed to take part in an unauthorized demonstration, which even included some property damage. Although a remaining approximately 40 people were boxed in by police towards the end, the evening ended with neither arrests nor identity controls.

*The revolt in Egypt is of course common knowledge, but we would like to suggest the following interview, portraying the perspective of anarchists present in Cairo, organized in the Black Flag anarchist group.
Egypt unrest: Interview with an Egyptian anarchist

Furthermore, a very worthwhile short statement from the great and glorious Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists, New York City Chapter: North African Revolution is Shaking the World

*Speaking of cops, demonstrations, revolt and things of the sort… This is already a few months old but how can it not be mentioned here? The Argentine government recently forbid Buenos Aires city cops from taking firearms of any kind when working at demonstrations. This means not just no guns, but also no rubber bullets, and no tear gas launchers!!!
We wish the cops the best of luck with holding hands against social anger and unrest! :-)

*The rapper „Makss Damage,“ previously known in antifascist circles for his over the top lyrics involving very thinly veiled anti-semitism, death threats against anarchists, and a fanatically Marxist-Leninist worldview, has declared that he has renounced Marxist-Leninism and antifascism, and is now a convinced National Socialist. So far, who really cares? His music produced mild entertainment and strong „what the fuck“ reflexes, but all in all its just one loony tune less among us. His „coming out“ however took the shape of an almost one hour long interview together with well known Nazi Axel Reitz. We wont be posting links here, either to the interview or his music, but for entertainment purposes and for a further entry into the „laugh or cry“ category, feel free to enter „Makss Damage“ in Youtube, and „Makss Damage interview“ to get a good look at his face, and marvel at the cliche Nazis in dress shirts chatting over tea! You know what, we dont have the self-control, this shit is too incredible :-)

As unpleasant as this all is, similarly unpleasant is the string of antideutsch geniuses who now are of the opinion that they have found final proof of the „parallels“ and „compatibility“ between left wing anti-imperialist politics and modern Nazis. Here is a tip for you: Extremismustheorie.

*Since we are vaguely on the subject of music, here is a little something from the Fire and Flames world, a small clip from Obrint Pass recent Japan tour. (Btw…if you happen to be in Tokyo and are wondering where you might find some quality Fire and Flames items…we suggest Irregular Rhythm Asylum Infoshop or Cafe Lavanderia :-) ).

*Finally, a first notice in the category upcoming events you should be excited about:

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